Writing, NaNo, and… umm, writing

So I decided at the last minute to take part in NaNo and write 50,000 words in November. Mainly because I didn’t want to edit the project I’d just finished.

And… I started five days late.So much fun, that. Being behind on things. I suppose it makes life more exciting and keeps one moving though. Because I’m ahead in NaNo now and even took some time off. Regardless, the reason I started late was completely worth it.

I organized a Story Embers retreat! It was with fairly ‘local’ Story Embers forum members. Only a small group, but we got together for a weekend at a state park and had a great time. Games, talking, hiking, swimming (and catching a spider floating in the pool), writing based off the same prompt. Oh, yeah. And sais.

I brought my sais with me and we carried them around the whole place. It was great.

Anyway, I’m hoping to do something like this again next year. We’ll see.

My Writing


  • Wrote Shadowkeeper (without an outline, may I say). It is currently 16k long
  • Published a short story on Story Embers entitled Shadow Heir.
  • Wrote a flash fiction piece for fun. I’ve got to do more of those.
  • Reworked my site
  • Preparing to correct Rebel Heir
  • Half done with Healer of Lacrecia

Goals for December:

  • Finish Healer of Lacrecia
  • Correct Shadowkeeper
  • Start correcting Rebel Heir

NaNo Humor


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  1. Hey Hope!
    I love your “go and get ’em” attitude and your ability to take on the seemingly impossible. So inspirational!
    So glad you like flash fiction now!I’ve been writing it for almost four years and it’s helped a lot!

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