Writing Conference…Also a Brief Hiatus Announcement

Guys, I went to a writing conference last weekend! It’s a smallish one, down in Anderson Indiana, called the Indiana Faith and Writing Conference. It was also cheaper than your average conference and lasted from Friday around noon until Saturday mid-afternoon.

I enjoyed it quite a bit – not the least because I was there with a fellow author and friend, who also happens to make the covers for my novellas. Of course, we did chat with each other during most of our spare time instead of milling around and connecting with a number of new writers, but I suppose that’s what happens when you put a bunch of introverts together. *smirks* And we did meet and have Friday supper with one girl who recognized me from twitter. That was pretty fun.

As for the conference itself, I learned a number of things (which I’m not going into now because I’ve the feeling I’ll write several blog posts on them over the next few months). I laughed. I cried…well, almost. My excuse is that I was tired, and I’m sticking to it. I stared down a portion of carpet which shadows made look like the Grinch who stole Christmas. I learned I apparently can’t sleep sharing a bed with someone, even if that someone is one of my best friends. I also learned that a bed of pillows on the ground is very comfortable. I had a one-on-one consultation with a marketing coach and took part in a small critique groups…two of whose members were slightly confused by my submission because they don’t read fantasy. I fumbled through my pitch of Fidelyon once to someone who wasn’t even an editor or agent (at least not that I know of) and handed out only one business card (also to someone who was neither agent nor editor). I took some pictures, took more notes, and horrified my friend with my random morbid observations. All in all, I had a great time and hope to go again next year.

And…here. Have a few pictures.

My bed on the floor

Kate and I. Aren’t we cute. XD At least one person thought we were sisters.

Because just… fire

Oh yes, also the hiatus announcement. I’ve been doing NaNo for all of four days and already I’m wondering what I’ve got myself into. It’s not writing 2000 words a day so much…though it takes concentration, it’s not that hard. It’s trying to write 2000 words a day while still correcting Fidelyon and my Hansel and Gretel story, now named Shadows of the Hersweald. Plus there is Kingdom Pen stuff, and blogging, and reading and life in general. And so I came to the earth shattering decision…

I’m taking a partial hiatus from my blog.

And since you do nothing but hang on my every word, you are devastated now, aren’t you. No? *sighs* Figures.

Anyhow, note the word partial. Caption Challenges will still come up on Mondays, and my Friday WIP posts will appear as well. And a vlog. I need to do a vlog sometime this month. but the Wednesday articles, such as the self-publishing one, New Fantasy Times, Christian Convictions…basically the ones I have to think about and slave over, are off until next month. Be thankful you got this months entry of Beyond the Parchment. *smirks*

As for my NaNo project, if you get my newsletter then you know about it already. If you don’t, I’ll be announcing it (with lots of Pinterest pictures and/or a link to the Pinterest board. It depends on how much time I have) this next Friday.

Until then, enjoy yourselves. Don’t kill yourselves (or your families) with NaNo if you taking part in it. Also, to shamelessly switch the topic with no warning, have you ever been to a writer’s conference before? I’m trying to find as many as I can to compare them for next year, so do you have any you’d recommend?

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  1. The doors! Hope, you didn’t mention the doors!! XD
    I wouldn’t say ‘horrified’… not really. 😉 Just, what’s the fun in my not reacting?
    And you almost cried??? O.o when?? XD

    • Corissa, Maiden of Praise

      The doors? I’m guessing there’s a story here worth hearing.
      *corners Fereleth and Hope* Alright, who’s going to talk first? *cocks one eyebrow* *patiently waits for explanation* Don’t push me to my limits, ladies. 😉

    • I took a literary license to exaggerate. Slightly. 😉

      Oh yes, and doors. (To anyone else reading comments) We had great fun pushing double doors open, one with each hand, and striding out into the daylight like Aragorn. 😉

      Cried? The last speech we listened to…a few of the stories he told.

      • Corissa, Maiden of Praise

        We posted our replies at literally the exact same time!!! I hit submit, and instantly you reply.
        Wise move to talk quickly. 😉 Sounds like fun! 😀

      • Ohhhh… yes. Well, if it makes you feel any better, I DID cry. 😛

      • I’m positive we freaked out more than one security guard behind the surveillance cams… XD XD 😛 Or do they expect that with a writing conference? I wonder, is it ‘Oh my goodness, I just saw two crazy ladies going all over campus pushing doors open like they were in a movie or something!’ or is it just ‘Eh, writers again. Pass me the french fries, Joe.’

      • Corissa, Maiden of Praise

        I’m always looking for the security cameras; I generally wave at them. 🙂
        I have a friend who said that supposedly when someone looks at a security camera, it’s a sign they’re about to do something illegal, but he doesn’t know what they think when you wave at them. 😉
        That would actually make a funny sketch, like for studio C or something. The first time they have duty during a writers’ conference, they freak out at all the crazy stuff they see, and then the second time, they’re just like, “oh, it’s the writers again.” 😉

        • That would be a hilarious sketch…and then the writers commit the perfect crime because everyone already thinks they are crazy and so they can do all kinds of things without anyone noticing. 😀

          I’ll keep that in mind when I look at security cameras. *smirks* I don’t general make faces at them, but there is one at a local ATM. Since I’m normally listening to music in the car when I go there, I will sing to the camera and make gestures to go to the music. Sometimes I’ll make a weird face just for good measure. Oh dear…

      • Okay, who’s making this sketch??

        I make faces at the security cams too— usually just smiling, though. Like, a really big smile. I-Haven’t-Seen-You-In-A-Long-Time-Smile-And-I-Can’t-Believe-I-Ran-Into-You-Here-Smile. XD My family just shakes their heads…

      • Corissa, Maiden of Praise

        Oh dear. Me thinkest we’ve all gone quite loony. Those poor security guards. I wonder if any writers out there have ever had a run in with them because they were acting goofy and the security guard wanted to make sure they were alright. Of course, by proper definition they may not have been alright after all… 😉
        I’d love to see the security guards face behind the camera the first time you did that Hope! 😀 By now they probably expect you to do it. Maybe you’ve even become the office joke. “Hey, everybody, the dancing red-head’s back. Let’s see what she does this time!” And then everyone crowds in and tries to guess what song you’re listening too. *insane laughter*
        Hey, aren’t you supposed to be writing right now? 😉

        • How about a writer as a security guard. On second thought, that might be even more creepy…

          Well, maybe eventually. I’ve only been to that ATM machine a few times so far. 😉

          Writing? *blinks innocently* What writing?

  2. Corissa, Maiden of Praise

    I can’t speak for everyone else, but I know that I was -at least a little- devastated. At least you’ll still be here some… *sniffs*
    Hurry up and come, December! (Not only will Hope be “back,” but I’ll be able to sing Christmas songs without my brother having any legitimate reason to complain. 😉 )

    • Well, something had to go or I was going to wear myself ragged. Or, more likely, I’d just act irritated with my family all November because I’d too much to and didn’t want to be interrupted. And seeing that probably wouldn’t be the best course of action…

  3. Sounds like you had a lot of fun at the writing conference! I’ve never been to one before, but I really, REALLY want to go to one. And now I also want to do what you did with the double doors! ^_^ I’m going to look up the Faith and Writing Indiana Writing Conference.

    • You’ll have to tell me if you go. 🙂 I’d like to go again this next year though I want to look around and see what else there is too.

      And opening two doors like that is so much fun. Even more fun than dramatically gesturing open automatic doors. The only problem is most the double doors I’m around have a metal pole between the two. 🙁

      • Yeah, I will have to tell you if I go next year. 🙂 I looked up what the price was this year, and was shocked by how inexpensive it was compared to others I’ve looked at. As for other writing conferences, I know there’s the ACFW conference that’s in Nashville, Tennessee every year, if I remember correctly. I really wanted to go to that one this year – especially since Ted Dekker was the keynote speaker – but it was too expensive for me. And I’ve heard of the Realms Makers Conference, but I don’t know how much it costs.

        Lol! I bet you’re right. I remember when I was younger…I used to gesture to automatic doors and say, “Open Sesame.” And sometimes I still do that, once in a great while… *grins sheepishly* Also when I was younger, I would wave and make faces at and just be silly in front of security cameras. I don’t do that as much anymore; in fact, I hardly do it at all.

        • Oh, I so want to go to Realm Makers! It cost around $400, I think, and then there’s hotels for several days and such. Besides which 2017’s conference is being held in Nevada. That just isn’t happening. But someday…

          I know, the Faith and Writing conference is a great price, which was a big reason I went there. Especially when you signup ahead of time. And they offered quite a bit of good content, even though it wasn’t as long as some other conferences might run.

          • Okay. Yeah, I don’t foresee myself going there anytime soon, either. Which is really too bad, especially since Ted Dekker’s going to be there next year. I’ll have to wait until I’m officially an adult to go to a Realm Makers conference. *sigh*

            I think Dad would be more likely to take me to the one in Indiana than the one in Nevada. Maybe for an early birthday present next year…We’ll see how tight money is. How did the conference work as far as what you had to pay for? I mean, was it just a hundred dollars for the conference itself combined with the sleeping quarters (did you sleep in the university or at a hotel)? Did you have to pay for each individual workshop or certain ones? Did you have to pay to see an agent or editor? I guess the main question would be, what all did you have to pay for?

            Oh! And I’m assuming one would have to have an adult with them if they were under age 18?

          • The $100 (the cost if you pay early) covered the whole conference, which from Friday right after lunch to Saturday afternoon. It covered all the workshops and speeches, one free consultation with an editor/author, and the meal for Friday night and Saturday brunch. They did not have lodgings, but there was a discounted price at a hotel…I think we ended up paying around $120 for a room. So the total cost was around $220, plus gas and meals right before and after the conference. That still ends up being around half the cost of many conferences alone. Of course, some of this might change year from year, so you’d want to check to make sure about meals and such once they get the 2017 page up.

            And no, I don’t think you’d have to have an adult if you’re able to care for yourself. There isn’t official age limits. There was another girl who was a student and she was seventeen. Kate was only seventeen, though of course I was with her. *nods wisely* Apparently I’m an adult now, age wise at least. *gasps* I could chaperone you as well if you come. How old are you.

          • Okay. Thank you. I’ll definitely be keeping tabs on the conference next year, and hopefully I’ll be able to go.

            I’ll be fifteen in twelve days from now.

          • Yes, I don’t think there is official age limits. You’ll be almost sixteen, after all. 😉 Of course, part of it is personal decisions; even though I was 22, Dad preferred me to go with someone rather than alone. Now if you do come and I’m there, then I’d have no problem if you were with me, if you wanted. Or… *looks at what I just wrote* maybe I shouldn’t say that. Creepy-writer-you’ve-never-met-and-only-know-online-says-she’ll-chaperone-you. *smirks* So yes, that’s something you’d have to decide.

            Happy birthday two weeks early, by the way. 🙂

          • Lol. I’m pretty sure my dad would be there with me if I got to go (he’d be my ride after all – there’s no way I’m driving myself!) But it would be really cool to meet you and go around the place with you. 🙂

            Thanks! 🙂

          • Wow! I just had to comment. Someone else who spells my name like that! 😉 I just shortened it to “Jess” to simplify things. 🙂

          • Lol. 🙂 That’s cool. You know what’s funny, though? I thought the name Jessi was something I made up… Then, after I start calling myself that, I see all these other people who have that name and I’m like, “Darn. So it really isn’t something I made up.” Not that it’s too horrible of a thing. Jessi is a really cool name, if I do say so myself. XD

          • Really? I thought the same thing, except you’re the first person I saw who spelled it “my” way. 😉 And of course it’s cool. I know a million people named Jessica, so I had to make it different in some way! 😛

          • Exactly! And Jessi is the best “short version” of Jessica, since it actually has the first five letters be the same. The only other person I know who calls herself Jessi is Jessi L. Roberts, and she has another blog about writing, if I remember correctly.

  4. I want to go!!!!! Take me with you next time Hope! I’ll go in your suitcase.
    One time I was in a store that was practically empty except for some people in the far back so I faced away from the security camera, whipped around and flipped my hand out like I was flinging a cape behind me. Then I made like I was drawing a sword and held it in front of me with both hands. Then I dropped one hand (the sword one) saluted, twirled around on my heel and left.
    Crazy me. I know. The security people were probably like “we got another nut case Joe. Want to call her in?” ” Nah she’s only fourteen. Probably couldn’t hurt anyone.”
    If only they knew. *goes off in insane evil laughter*
    Bye for a bit Hope. I’ll miss you. Except for when I see you on LP, Write fury and at church.

    • Oh boy, that is hilarious. I wish I could have seen the face of the security man. So much for keeping a low profile.

      Also, I’m afraid my suitcase is generally packed full, but we’ve room in the car if that works. 😉 It would be so fun to have you and Brianna and Kate and me all go down this next year. I’ve no idea if that would work, but it is something to consider…

  5. Yes, Yes, Yes, YEEEESSSSS! I shall plead with any and all people who hold authority where this matter is connected if it comes to it. I may even go on my knees. Fluttering eyelashes might be a bit much though. (I can actually bat my eyes really well. No one else in my family can do it as fast.)

  6. That sounds like so much fun!!! I look forward to your future posts about what you heard there. The picture of you and Kate made me think of a book cover. 😀

    Have as fun of a blog hiatus you can have with all your writing projects, and good luck!

  7. I’m devastated. Come back soon! 🙁

    I do the Aragon thing all the time. (My family thinks I’m crazy) 😛

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