Works in Progress

So much to write, so little time. But here is a list of the books I am currently working on or am planning and want to write someday.

Age/Type: young adult book
Length: 147,000 words
Status: Polishing
Overview: When Ethaniel carries a message to the king of Elentisa, he is given an ancient parchment and the mission of finding the legendary Shield of Faith. Ethaniel soon discovers the greatest dangers are not those he faces on the quest of the shield. And the deeply laid plots and treachery he encounters run further into his own misty past than he’d ever imagined.
Age/Type: young adult book
Length: Currently 85,000 words
Status: On hold
Overview: When the day to start his pilgrimage and find the King’s armor comes, Cyth soon realizes that it will take more than stealth and strength to continue forward and escape the deadly Maligents. But with his faith in the Prince crumbling, the Maligents advancing on Aulora, and himself suddenly helpless in their clutches, Cyth must discover what he truly believes before it is too late.
Book 1: Scarlet Rose
Book 2: Gideon’s Sword
Book 3: Project Enigma
Age/Type: young adult
Length: Unknown
Status: Reworking first book
Overview: When Anna wakes up from being hospitalized during a car accident, she is told she may have suffered some brain damage. But there is nothing wrong with her memory…instead it is the dreams. Dreams that contradict everything she knows. But when Anna begins to recognize things from her dreams in the real world, she realizes things are much more sinister then they first appeared. Join Anna in a race against time as she becomes entangled with those who are trying to start a rebellion against the oppressive government even as she struggles to sort out her past and save her friends…and herself.
Legend the first: Rose of the Oath  – Correcting
Legend the second: Song of the Sword – Published
Legend the third: Shadows of the Hersweald – Published
Age/Type: Young Adult Novellas
Length: 25,000 words each
Status: Writing/planning
Overview: A series of nine novellas, each one a retelling of a fairy tale with one aspect of the Fruit of the Spirit as the theme.
Age/Type: young adult book
Length: Unknown
Status: Occasionally think about it
Overview: Two brothers discover a sword that transports the bearer, and anyone in the room with him, to any time, past or future, where they wish to go. When they accidentally transport themselves five years into the future, the world as they know it has changed dramatically and they find their future selves being executed as rebels against an oppressive communist government. The brothers are in a race against time to obtain the time sword, currently displayed in a museum, and transport themselves back to the past to change their future…all the while trying to keep out of the clutches of the various groups trying to find them.

Age/Type: Young adult fantasy
Length: Probably 65,000-80,000 words
Status: Occasionally planning
Overview: To stop a war which seems inevitable, but which Prince Jethren of Atharim is convinced will serve no purpose, drastic measure must be taken. Traveling to the opposing country of Laurenthalas, Jethren finds himself in the unique position as the servant of Adrien, King Heir of Laurenthalas and as unwilling for war as Jethren. But there is much more going on behind the scenes than either of them suspect and neither of them will be able to avoid a decimating war on their own.

Age/Type: Young adult
Length: Seven book series
Status: Occasionally think about it
Overview: When the Cember Earth countries are invaded, Torin is thrust into the defense of all he loves as truths about his past are brought to light.

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