William Lea West

William Lea West (found on Pinterest)
After much searching, I’ve finally found a picture of William Lea West, Anna’s Father.
Though suffering a great tragedy in the loss of his wife and three of children two years ago, he survived though his faith in God. He is a great pastor and currently head of Gideon’s Sword.
He is a great encourager and a personable man…you feel like you could tell him anything, and many people do. He is also unbending on God’s word and cannot stand hypocrites. He lives for his remaining children, the church, and Christ, but is quite willing to leave this world when the time comes.
William is constantly working, getting up before anyone else and not resting until long after others are exhausted. Believe it or not, cooking is how he relaxes. He also likes jokes (but not knock-knock ones) and he hates nicknames…not replying to most calls until the speaker says his real name.
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