Who wants a free book?

I have a problem. My robot is starting to say things better than I can.

Yes, I have a robot. Don’t ask why. None of my dragons were ornery enough to take over marketing emails. But today she actually has a pretty sweet giveaway to tell you about. She thinks it’s all her idea.

It might be best to let her keep thinking that.
*steps aside* I’ll let Scarlett Ironheart explain. And yes, she’ll probably say something similar in an email later on. She’s lazy that way.

She almost got rid of me, you know. Said that a robot shouldn’t market fantasy books or some such. But I don’t market, least not for her. I do what I please, thank you very much.

And today, I’m actually making her give some stuff to you. Revenge is sweet. Also, Hope is the mood to celebrate. Something about it being two years to the day since she published her first novella or some other sentimental nonsense. She doesn’t even have that original work up anymore.


Today I’ve used that excuse to slip a few items together into what is her largest giveaway yet (it has to be in her name for legal reasons. But you know the truth). Not only is she giving away an autographed copy of Burning Rose (if you happen to like retold fairy tales, excitement, and allegory) but she also got ahold of a Burning Rose notebook and cool sticker… the very first of their kind. She said to let you know there are more if you ever what to buy some from her store. Like any of you care to do that.

This giveaway is open to everyone in the USA, Australia, and New Zealand. Apparently international shipping is a pain or something like that. You can enter if you’re from somewhere besides that trio of nations.

But if you win, we’ll have to give you an ebook instead of a paperback. You still will get the notebook and sticker, however. So Hope hasn’t completely cut you out of the deal; just halfway. Take it up with her if you don’t like it. I tried, but eventually even my threats don’t work. Besides, she has daggers. And screwdrivers. 

Enter the giveaway. Share it with all your friends. Spread the word about me. You know, that sort of a thing. Because whatever I think of her writing, that notebook frankly is cool, and Hope has half-promised to get me one if we get enough entries.

I’ll not beg her for anything. Ever. But… if you pity me for my hard taskmaster even the slightest could you… just maybe… click the picture or click here to enter the giveaway and then share it with as many friends as you can?

Scarlett Ironheart, Model 73

*eyes missive*

She really is persuasive. I oughtn’t let her steal my blog too, but if you could hear her complain…


Anyway, yes. I did publish my first novella two years ago today. And I am having a giveaway. And you should enter it and share it with all your friends because you’re awesome. Click here to do so. Or go your own lonely way. See if we care. We’re only trying to be nice.

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