When a Day Goes Wrong

I was supposed to write an article today about… actually, I hadn’t decided yet. Something inspiring about hope and such maybe. Or a writer’s life deal in Loki gifs.

Then things decided to happen. Not… huge, life-changing things. Or even big things to complain about. Just one little distraction after another.

I got a jury’s summons for the middle of October. That dragged my mind away from writing and all the rest. Not to mention I have something I need to fill out later on today.

Not too big a deal. I got two thousand words written. I wanted to get another thousand written before work tonight.

Then I went to check my website. Only to find it was down. Something about an insecure connection. I couldn’t get on it from anywhere. And when I went to the place that hosts my site (a place I love for its great customer service and prompt replies and help) I couldn’t get a hold of anyone. I still can’t. And it makes me think this might be larger than just might site and they are swamped. Which… could be good cause it’s not just me or it could be bad. Not sure.

But let me tell you, something like that is intensely distracting. Something is wrong and it’s just hanging there, waiting to be fixed.a day gone wrong

Not to mention one little sister running in and out of my room, wanting chocolate, my iPad, to look at my photo books, or to just lay on the floor and make noise. And the other little sister who is cold and who thinks she’ll get warm if she comes and grabs me and tries to put her arm through mine or some such every time she sees me. (I’m not a touchy person, okay? I can be sometimes. But the little light touches and being grabbed when I’m already stressed doesn’t help). All this while I’m trying to contact someone about this broken site.

Oh, yeah. And what’s for lunch? Cause people want food and they all have ideas on what they want.

So yeah, it’s been one of those days.

Not to mention I randomly remembered a number of little things I had to do or get ready. Like return something to Amazon or email people about a thing I’m organizing. And find Loki gifs for an article before deciding to write this anyway.

suppressing sadness

It’s a beautiful day. The sun is shining. I did write two thousand words.

And… everything is a mess.

But these days do happen and when they do we have various options. Worry and obsess over the problems. Throw up the day as lost and go spend the rest it eating chocolate and watching Merlin. Or do something about it.

Today is still today. I can’t do anything on my site, so I’m writing this article (about a week or two before it will post, obviously. Cause if you’re seeing this, it means my site is back up.) I’ve done a number of little things. I’m going to write another five hundred words and then go sew up the seat in my car. Then write some more.

Just because today isn’t going smoothly doesn’t mean I can’t get things done or that today doesn’t have value. Even if I get less done than normal, I’ll still come out of it with something done.

To be quite honest, even though I’m not worrying, my brain won’t be able to relax completely until my website deal gets fixed. Though I finally got some info (yes, between starting the article and now) and it’s some site-wide deal that should be fixed soon. So that’s good to know.



Since an article should have a point, my point is this.

  1. Everyone has bad days.
  2. Don’t stress them. They’re going to pass. Don’t sit around worrying about what you can’t fix. Do what you can, then move on to the other things you need to get done. It’s still a day, even if it’s a distracting day. Don’t waste it.
  3. Make sure you get some sleep. I’ve heard it helps.
  4.  Also get out in the world and see everything other people are going through because I guarantee you that there are lots of people who have it much worse than you and are pushing bravely through it regardless.

*peers at list* and that was four points. See, I told you that you needed sleep.

And now I should go write. And work. And other things. Because I have a little over two hours before heading to work at Culver’s and really ought to get something else done.

Publishing note: My site is working again, obviously. It was up late that night. Also don’t worry that I’m currently a depressed mess, because I’m not. I mean, I have spent a week watching kids while the other adults are in California picking up my brother from Boot Camp. But hey, I still got some things done. And everyone is still alive. And the house is clean(ish). Also, I get to see Noah tomorrow!

So yeah.

Have a good week, everyone. 😉

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  1. Hope your web site problems clear up. It is frustrating and upsetting when things go awry.

  2. Merlin! I love that show! My little brothers and I are re-watching it for the 2nd or third time? I’m no longer sure. We’re in season 4, I do know that.

  3. Oh my, I know just what you mean! Especially about the touchy sibling, lol, my little sister is SO touchy: she always wants to come up and hug you, or lean on you, or pat you, or rest her hand on your arms, and the list goes on and on! And if there is something that gets on my nerves fastest, it’s people touching me – lol XD I don’t like being touched! Personal space people!

    • Yes, that. It’s not even that I hate being touched. It’s just… there’s a kind of light touch that can put my nerves on edge so fast. 😛

  4. Another point is to set a timer and stare at Loki gifs (and memes) until the timer goes off, and by then you’ll probably feel better. 😉

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