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Readers, writers – we all like free stuff. And we all like supporting people we know, especially when it gets us involved in cool things somehow. So today I have a quick question for you.Because hey, I want to spend time on the sort of things you like. Besides, it’s a win-win. If I can provide stories and cool stuff you like, I can grow my base of minions *coughs* I mean people who tolerate me, which then means I can sell more and then create more. It’s a great cyle where everyone is happy, the world is perfects, the sun always shines, and the grass is green (as opposed to some random color like blue or silver).

If any of those things appeals to you, fill out the questionare below. For the children, if not for yourself. Because they deserve a world where they can live in peace and great books and… I’m done. This went completely weird.

Anyway, I’d love if you answered my questions, and love you even more if are able to comment with detailed thoughts. 😉

Anything I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Whoa. How late to bed were you when you wrote this? XD

  2. Awww… but I want blue and silver grass! That would be so beautiful and epic! I really want to put creative coloured grass in a story now. . .*mind explodes with ideas*

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