What do you really know about Shadowkeeper?

One week until launch date! And today I have a bunch of random fun ‘somethings’ about Shadowkeeper!

Cedra hadn’t realized Death was so talkative.

“It’s Shadowkeeper, not Death.” The man across from her raised a finger. “I don’t steal lives; I merely guard the path between life and death. Everyone gets the positions mixed up. It’s the most annoying botheration this side of the rift.” He tilted his head back and downed the rest of his wine. “Soldiers and lords alike flee in terror whenever I ask for directions. Terribly inconvenient.”

For once, I didn’t make a pile of collages for my novella. Not sure how that got missed. I don’t even have a very detailed Pinterest board. I do, however, have pictures of the four characters in the book. I’m not posting the pictures here because I don’t have copyrights or know who created them, but if you’re bored or procrastinating enough, you can click the links below and get a basic idea of my people look like.





They aren’t exact in all areas, mind you. But the faces are pretty good.

“I didn’t go far.” Pethra propped herself on one elbow. “Too many twisting corridors. You’d destroy the House of Shadows itself if I’d not come back, so…”

“Like rifts I would have,” Cedra muttered. She tucked up one knee, wrapping her arms around it, and eyed her sister. “You’re going to come face to face with Death one of these days if you aren’t careful.”

“I’d say don’t worry, but that’s probably the reason I’m still alive.”

Cedra’s chest ached. Pethra had the love of the people and she didn’t even know it. “Exactly.”

Pethra laughed softly and rested her head against Cedra’s shoulder. “Still going to throw me into the rift?”

Cool fun fact. The main character is an INTJ and, well, kinda based off me. Just a little. Her sister is based off my best friend, an INFP. And, as a friend pointed out, there’s even a voice that’s kinda based off Scarlett. So yeah. Lots of fun stuff in this novella.

And it is a novella now, standing at 19,000 words.

Ooo, yeah. You’ve all seen the new cool cover, but there was an older version that’s pretty cool too.


Nightkeeper copy

First cover by Kate Flournoy

Pretty neat, even if the final one is better.

Check out Shadowkeeper here if you want all the official details. Or if want to preorder it. I’ll be seeing you around next week!


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