Weapons, Sleep, and Writing

!I kinda skipped this last month—highlights of the month and all that. Mainly because I just acted like a few dozen other writers and wrote about Realm Makers. Today I’m back into my own thing.


I mean… my life. My… yeah, never mind.

But guess what?

I’ve been writing this month again!

I’m more excited about that than normal because the last two months I wrote a pitiful amount. This month, I’ve been able to write two thousand words a day, five days a week, all month. And that’s just on my main novel. I’ve been getting ‘extra’ writing done in the case of another short story, an article for Story Embers, and blog posts for all you guys.

Plus just all kinds of random things.

For example, I got a pair of nunchucks and am enjoying them.


I also went to the Indiana State Fair earlier this month. It was hot. I got exhausted. But I got to see a circus deal and I also got to see For King and Country again, so bonus points for both of those (even if I had to wait two and a half hours for the latter)

The first twenty minutes of the concert were mainly occupied with a guy up on a roof pointing something… which I assume to be a camera but which looked very much like a gun at in the general direction of the crowd. He vanished once, came back—my own camera wasn’t strong enough to pick up what was in his hands. But eventually he left and there was no shooting, so that also was good.

Hope Ann

Two weeks later, I went to my grandparents house, slept for twelve hours at once (or stayed in bed at least), and dyed part of my hair silver like a fox’s tail. You know—the normal.

Oh, yesssss. Other cool thing. I’ve started this group I’m currently calling The War Room. It’s five or six people who are currently acting like a support group for my writing, some helping with organization, some with accountability, others with alpha reading. I’m really looking forward to working with them and I’ve a feeling you’ll be hearing about them in the future.

My Writing


  • Around 46k on Rebel Heir. The novel is now around 90k long. Yeah… and I’m at the midpoint. So much for outlining helping me write a shorter book.
  • I wrote and edited another short story called Shadow Heir sometime in the July/Augustish period
  • Wrote an article about darkness in Christian writing for Story Embers (it will be out in October sometime. I think.)
  • Wrote random snippets for myself, future books, for fun.

ENFP guard in Rebel Heir. Yes, you can hate me.


Goals for July:

  • At least reach the third plot point in Rebel Heir, though the climax would be preferable.
  • Get my next WIP (a novella) outlined.


I started this little show called Merlin.


It’s awesome. A little cheesy, but amazing. I love the characters. Also, my two MCs in Rebel Heir were very loosely based off ideas inspired from pictures of Merlin, so there’s that.

So yeah.

Ever seen it?

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  1. OK but that guard though. *hugs you through crying*
    I am so glad you had such a great writing month! ♥ =D And those nunchuks are cool. *wonders if my sensei has those…*
    God bless!
    – Ang

  2. C.M. - II Tim. 1:7

    Thanks for the update! Those nunchunks… where can I find those?!
    How long does it take for you to outline/plan out your story before you write it? I really admire how you can just punch away at writing out your books.
    Lastly, I watched some Merlin, and I liked it. 🙂 Isn’t Merlin’s character just adorable? And his friendship with Arthur… done just right, methought. Who’s your favorite character?


    • C.M. - II Tim. 1:7

      (typo error correction: nunchucks)

    • I found the nunchucks on Amazon. 😛

      Um… depends. A month or two, sometime? I think this one took me around three months to outline, though I was doing other things as well.

      And yesssss, I love their friendship. Merlin is probably my favorite character, though I love Arthur too. Mainly because he reminds me of one of my own characters very closely.

  3. I keep hearing I need to watch Merlin! And wow, I didn’t think to connect your dyed hair to a fox’s tail … but so true!

  4. Love this post! Nice nunchucks 😉

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