Undercover Prince

I’ve been writing short scenes for various pictures writing prompts, both on my forum and on a writing group in Ravelry. I liked some of them so much that I’ve decided to start sharing them here on my blog. So, without more ado, here is my first one.

I could see them coming. With brilliant lightning searing the night sky, the only hindrance to our sight was the cold pelleting rain which dashed against our eyes and dripped from our blades.

Already the disorganized tramp of thousands of feet echoed off the cliff walls rising to either side of my two comrades and me.
“How do we need to kill before they’ll run?” The ranger to my left lifted his axe, his eyes gleaming as water streamed from his beard.
“More than you’ll be able to handle on your own,” the officer to my right chuckled grimly as he shifted his sword. “But we’ll be able to hold them off long enough, eh, Adrian?” He slapped me on the back. “What do you say to a wager? I’ll lay down a dozen crescents we’ll last fifteen minutes.
“It’s not enough.”
“Twenty crescents then.”
I shake my head. “There are woman and children behind us. They’ll not reach the fortress for several hours yet…” I glanced over our position on top of a landslide as thunder rolled.
“Some ray of light you are.”
I smiled grimly and my eyes fastened on the silver and black banner of the onrushing Shangarian horde. “There is one way…” I closed my eyes, my hand closing about the horn hanging concealed at my side. I’d not planned to reveal myself yet; a few weeks more…but there was no time.
With a swift motion I lifted the horn to my lips and blew a long shuddering blast though the night.
The oncoming soldiers wavered and my comrades stared at me as I threw back my hood, slowly advancing towards the Shangarians.
“Halt.” My voice echoed through the storm. “Halt, at the orders of your Prince.” I stopped before the foremost Shangarians, meeting each of their eyes as they stared at me. Recognition slowly seeped through the darkness and slowly, but without hesitation, the foremost soldiers knelt as a low murmur ran though the army.
A murmur which rose to a cheer and battled the storm.
“Prince Adrian has returned!”
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  1. Cool!

    ~Fereleth, Carrier of Light

  2. Sweet! I was listening to The Lord of the Rings Soundtrack while I read this. Makes me want to fight, too!

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