Top Five Character Songs

This is what happens when I get lazy overworked *coughs* I mean busy. And realize I need a post and didn’t write one last week because I was at a Story Embers retreat.

But songs make a valid post, right? I love finding songs for my characters. Or even, sometimes, for myself. These are my top five favorites.


Jethren is the main character in my current WIP, Rebel Heir. A banished INFP prince turned bodyguard, this song fits him in his sadder moods.


The main character in my ‘set to the side cause I don’t know what I’m going to do with it novel,’ Fidelyon, Ethaniel is one of my favorite characters. Probably because he’s sweet and he also took forever for me to get right. But this is a song Silvara might sing to him around the climax (if she sang. Which she doesn’t.)


Also from Fidelyon, he’s a young man who kinda popped up and demanded a place in the story.

Anna West

From my ‘on-hold’ trilogy, Scarlet Rose. Anna is the main character, based a little bit off me, and this song fits her perfectly.

Talisha and Ira

From a book a friend and I are writing… or will be as we get the time. This is is more of a ‘book’ theme song than one to fit any particular character. Despite the randomness of the song, it fits beyond perfect when one knows the story.


What are some of your favorite character songs?

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  1. Cool! Such a fun idea. 😊 Also, love your blog update/revamp/redesign/whatever!

  2. This is great, Hope! I can’t wait to get home so I can listen to these songs.
    A song that has worked it’s way into 2 flash fiction pieces for me is “Vanilla Twilight” by Owl City.
    I didn’t know so much of it was based on that song until I re-read it recently and noticed it!

  3. These songs sound so cool!! What are the personality types of your other characters?

    • Hmmm. I mean, there are too many to go through, but of the ones here: Ethaniel – INFJ; Jethren – INFP; Cadoc – INFP; Anna – INTJ.

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