Three Things Writing Taught Me About Life

Writing isn’t a form of escapism. It isn’t a luxurious way to spend time. One doesn’t make thousands of dollars and live a dream life. Writing is hard. Writing is painful. And writing builds character.

While there are many things I’ve learned while writing, I’m only going to list three today. Because three is the magic number. Besides, it sounds cool. Three Things Writing yeah. We’ll settle with three.

Never give up

If there’s one thing a writer needs, it’s endurance. Did I mention something about writing not being easy? It’s a downright pain. An outline you were supposed to get done last month is still in the works. A character doesn’t cooperate. Plot twists keep tangling. Sometimes it would be so easy just to give everything up.

Well, easy except for the fact that I’ve no clue what I’d do with life otherwise.

Three Things Writing Taught Me About Life by Hope Ann

Sometimes it takes hours. Or days. Or weeks. But the writing slump will pass. The plot will work out after enough pounding.

Things will get better if you stick to them long enough.

I promise.

Besides, it’s just logic. All you have to do is outlast the problem, be it in writing or any other aspect of life.

Reason behind the pain

Writers have a reputation for torturing their characters pain. As an author myself, I can neither confirm nor deny…

Yet it’s not that we’re sadistic (normally).

Yes, pain does connect the character and readers. Yes, it gives the reader emotions. But it also shows who the character really is. And changes them.

In stories, there is pain. There’s also a reason behind it.

The characters may not see it. They may not like it. They may rise or fall. But even at it’s most random, there is a reason behind the pain.

Same with life. There’s a reason behind struggles. And it’s in those times that we grow the most.

There is always hope

Yeah, yeah. I’ll spare you the puns I hear about my name every week. There are all the cliches too, I know. The final speeches. The hopeless situations that characters somehow manage to break through and live.

Yet reading stories with the theme of hope woven in inspires me. Writing it is just as thrilling. Because it’s true. There is always hope.

Granted, we don’t always see the end result in this world. Sometimes the good guys die or the bad guys win (I’m writing a trilogy on that someday. *glances at Scarlet Rose*) But in the end, Christ already won the ultimate victory.

Because of that, there is hope beyond situation and beyond people and beyond ability.

A hope that, one day, will be realized.


BAM! There you have it. Three things I learned from writing in some way.

What about you? What is one thing you’d say writing has taught you?

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  1. That everyone has a story, and that every story is equally precious in God’s eyes because every soul is of equal worth, no matter the darkness or despair it may fall into.

  2. I’ve actually learned/realized these same things through writing. 🙂 The way I see it; writing isn’t just a fluffy empty hobby, it can teach us things (and other people) through our stories.

    Ooh, that was deep. 😛

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