The Prologue I Didn’t Write

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write post for March 22nd. Theme of the story

Me: eh, nah. You’re fine. I mentioned that last time. Besides, I wrote snippets for the Healer’s Bane characters and one of them happens right before the novella. And is adorable.

So… here you be. The unedited prologue I didn’t write.

As a minor note, there are unexplained worldbuilding processes in this bit of ‘flash fiction’ which aren’t important to the novella, so I don’t go into them there either. But if you’re find with just accepting the idea that there’s a rift between realms, then you should enjoy it all the same.

Travel between compasses was always tricky. Lael closed his eyes, the mist sweeping about his boots as he crouched. His fingers brushed the raised threads of the long scarf around his neck. Rifts shifted too much for maps to be completely accurate. This one, woven into cloth, would have to do.

Hopefully he’d not land in a fountain during a king’s feast when he stepped into the physical realm this time. That had been awkward to explain.

You vanishing back into the rift isn’t an explanation. You realize that right? A voice in the back of his mind commented dryly.

“Hush.” He still needed to go back to that realm sometime. Maybe in a few centuries when they’d have forgotten his less than graceful entrance. “I’m concentrating.”

What’s that? One of those big words you’re always trying?

“Why you…” His eyes snapped open. He glared at the mists. It was the voice’s fault he stumbled into as many scrapes as he did. “Fine, then. It’s not like it matters to you.” He gripped the rift with both hands and pulled the mists apart.

Of course it matters. You’re boring when you don’t have anything to do.

Lael stumbled as he half-stepped, half-fell through the opening. He caught himself on one knee. “I’m boring?” Turf spread beneath his hands and scattered in patches down a hill. Lights glittered below. He’d managed to enter this realm without witnesses this time. How nice.

Yes you are boring. Have you ever seen yourself sleep? It takes hours. Also, behind you.

Lael spun, his protests dying on his lips as he met the wide brown gaze of a lad. Lael tilted his head slightly. He wasn’t a man yet, but was older than a very small child. Stars, ages are confusing when it comes to mortals. He silently flicked through numbers on his fingers. Ten, maybe? Eleven?

What did they talk about? Not weather. Food? Sweet things?

The lad blinked. “Can you do that again? The vanishing ’ing?”

“I’m not…this isn’t…”

Awwww. The voice in his head shook with laugher. The healer, entertaining the people again.

“Shush, would you?” Lael hissed.

The lad flinched.

“Not you.” Lael silently cursed himself. He crouched down. “Afraid I can’t vanish quite yet. I have a few other things to do first.” He opened one hand, letting light gleam around his fingertips.

The child crept closer. “What’s it?”

“Light.” Lael closed his hand. “Power. Healing. Things like that.” He flicked the child’s nose. “What’s your name?”

“Ean.” The lad looked up at him, then back at the closed hand. “Can you do it a’gin?”

Lael obliged.

Ean grinned and tentatively poked the hand.

“It won’t burn you.” Lael laughed.

Ean tilted his head, but clasped his hands behind his back. “You’re going to the city?”

Lael nodded. “That was the plan.”

The lad’s grin widened. “I’ll find you then. I know the streets.” He retreated a step. “I… ’ave to go. They’ll don’t like me out ’ere. But maybe I can show you round later and you can show me the light again.” He spun and raced off.

Lael watched him slip from shadow to shadow toward grim wall, then shook his head with a soft laugh of his own. His gaze shifted to the city itself.

Piles of buildings. Soft lights, glowing through a haze even though the sun still had a few hours left in the sky.

It was beautiful.

Beautiful and deadly.

He tossed the end of his scarf over his shoulder and strode down after the lad. Time to find the one he was following. Time to find the reason he had come.

Time to search out the Poisoner.

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  1. Ooh! This looks amazing! I can’t wait to read it!

  2. I like it! XD

  3. So cute!!! I’m beyond excited for this one!!!

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