The First Month

January Highlights

Life is… work, mainly. Work and writing. I have two part-time jobs, for those who might not know. I make machine-knit hats for a cool little place called James Townsend & Son. I also work at Culvers around 15 hours a week.

And write, of course. I generally manage to get two hours in. I think… depends.

January has been same old, same old.

I saw The Greatest Showman and loved it. The arcs and plot were cool, even if costumes or such might not be historically accurate. (Townsends, btw, made some of those costumes).

I’ve been trying to read a lot. Pretty much failing at that ‘a lot’ part, but getting some things done all the same. I’m over 700 pages into Oathbringer so that’s what… about half done?

Writing, writing, and writing some more. Have a picture as proof.


Hope Ann

Editing a torture scene and keeping warm


My Writing


  • Finished the rough draft of The Stealthmaster’s Shadow at 34,090 words
  • Came up with the name Marsadon to replace Cember Earth
  • Finished part three as I correct Fidelyon
  • Created random marking checklists and working on speeding up my website

Goals for February:

  • Send The Stealthmaster’s Shadow to beta readers and work another round or two of corrections
  • Correct part four of Fidelyon
  • Outline the theme and arcs of Scarlet Rose and outline the first book

Google Searches:

  • English to Latin because it can be a great way to find names. Except for when ancient languages don’t oblige and have dull roots that won’t work for an epic name.


So a few friends were making collages of them, so I tried my hand at it. I like the result. What do you think?


What have you been up to this January? Any new books or great songs or fun collages?

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  1. Ok, I have to ask . . . are you wearing a capelet in that photo? And if so, did you make it? And if you did, can I have the pattern? And is that a knife or a maglight in the holster/sheath thing at your waist? ‘Cause if you write wearing a cape and a knife, well . . . 😀

    700 pages into Oathbringer is over halfway. It’s 1,241 pages long total. Possibly 1,251. IT’S MASSIVE AND WONDERFUL. But it also still took me a week to devour.

    Glad your writing is going well! Two hours a day . . . that sounds nice.

    • It’s a shawl but yeah… capelet works too. XD And yes, I made it. Or my mom made it. Not sure… I’ll not sure if it was a free pattern or not. I’ll see if Mom remembers. 😉

      And yes, that’s a knife. Which is part of the reason mom took the picture. 😉

      And one week? Nice. I’ve been reading it for over a month now, I think. *winces* And I used to go through books so quickly too.

  2. Latin has no dull words! Latinate English words have no dull roots! Are you thinking of French?

    Fun prospect for what I might be doing with my year off before Olivia goes to college: all the Medieval programs at the grad schools require fluency in Latin and at least one other language. I foresee a *lot* of brushing up on books I haven’t read since before high school.

    That collage looks like a very. . . interesting character.

    I’m looking forward to Scarlet Rose! Of course it will turn out a half-million-word monstrosity in a dozen books instead of three, and the title will be the only similarity to the original, and then your publisher (if you go traditional) will change the title, but I think I’d still like it.

    • Well… not words that start with the letters I want, put it that way. Stunning, I know. An ancient language won’t conform to my ideas of epic.

      And yes, Verus is interesting to say the least.

      And Scarlet Rose will not turn into a dozen books. It can’t. Three is quite enough.

  3. Ooh I like that collage!!

    That photo of you is great. XD I love that you’re wearing a knife while writing. 😛

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