The Ending of All Things

My life, such as it is

It is the ending of this year, at least. I still don’t know where 2017 went. I mean, I’ve two more days left in this month. Surely I can do something yet.

I did see Star Wars – on opening night even. It’s what one happens when an INTJ has an ENFP sister who makes her go out and have fun.

I liked it a lot. It was different from the other Star Wars, but that was a large reason why I enjoyed it. The arcs and the twists. I mean, it’s not like it was Brandon Sanderson or any such. But I did like it. The Last Jedi and Rogue One rival for my favorite Star Wars movie.

My Writing

I redesigned my blog. I got three students I’ll be mentoring for six months starting next year. I sent off Treaty’s Curse to Rooglewood. Finally. But since it’s the end of December here’s a summary of my yearly achievements and next year’s goals.


  • In March, I published Shadows of the Hersweald
  • I finished another rough draft of Scarlet Rose
  • Late fall, I finished rewriting Fidelyon for a total of 240,000 words
  • October I published Burning Rose
  • I wrote and submitted Treaty’s Curse to Rooglewood
  • I outlined the next Legends of Light novella, a retelling of Twelve Dancing Princesses

Goals for 2018:

  • Finish and publish the Twelve Dancing Princesses retelling
  • Write and publish the next Legends of Light novella
  • Finish Fidelyon, get it beta read, edited, and maybe published (or at least be preparing for that for 2019)
  • Outline the Scarlet Rose trilogy and write the first book (in one week. Yes, I’m crazy. Yes, I’ll let you know when I plan on doing it)

Google Searches:

  • What is the difference between your majesty and your highness? majesty is higher and used for kings and such, while highness is for princes
  • How to pronounce Eolus because I ought to pronounce my own names right. Answer is ee-o-lus. In other news, I have an adorable 9-year-old in my Twelve Dancing Princesses retelling.


I have a number of ‘life songs’ that I feel fit my personality. This is one of my current favorites.

Have you seen Star Wars yet? No spoilers in the comments if you have, but did you like it? What writing goals do you have for this next year – or reading goals for that matter? Do you have a ‘life song’?




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  1. 12 DANCING PRINCESSES RETELLING! Your books just jumped several places up on my priority list, because I’m a sucker for the 12 Dancing Princesses and obviously I can’t read the book until I’ve read the other Legends of Light. (And now I really wish I’d picked up the rest of the Legends of Light when they were on sale . . . darn it!) Also, yay for adorable 9-year-olds. We need more of those in fiction.

    Best of luck in your 2018 goals!

    • Thanks. And it’s been quite fun to write. 😀

      Also Burning Rose (which has all the Legends of Light novellas so far) is actually on sale until the end of the year… 20% off for both the Kindle and the paperback version. 😉

  2. Eep yes I saw Star Wars the other day and I LOVED IT SO MUCH. *happy flail*

    Can I just say (again, possibly…I don’t remember if I’ve said before xP) but your 12 Dancing Princesses story sounds like the most epic thing ever and I love the name Eolus.

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