The End

Another random scene from Ravelry. I was quite pleased with this one, based off the picture below.

She wasn’t ready, but it was coming anyway.
She could feel it in the trembling of the earth beneath the feet of hundreds of armies. She could hear it in the faint clashes echoing from the beginning of the age. She could taste it in the saltiness of tears and smell it in the smoke of a thousand homes.
The end…The end was coming.
Taking a deep breath, she stared upwards, facing the last gleams of light which sliced though the tall trees. The last gleams of the last day of the last age…
How many had she lost? How many had bled and died? How many were still suffering?
The light blinked out, but resolve hardened in her heart and she finally brought her gaze to the forest floor. To the small chest lying there. And to the iron key in her hand.
The end. The end. The end. The words throbbed though the air about her.
The end was coming.
Her hand didn’t tremble as she crouched, twisting the key in the lock then throwing it into the brush.
The end was coming.
Slowly she rose, lifting the trunk.
Around her the winds quickened, carrying with them the thunder of battle, the weeping of woman, and the last cries of the wounded.
Resolve crystallized into grim determination.
She was ready.
Without hesitation, without trembling, she slowly lifted the lid of the chest. Blue mist billowed out, tossing in the wind and curling away.
Slowly, she closed her eyes as the earth stilled and the sounds faded.
All was silent except for the moaning of the wind.
The end had come.

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  1. Wow, this is so cool, but what is it? I’m not sure I understand where this comes from…

  2. Wow! This is AMAZING. I love the writing style-it reminds me a little of Terry Pratchett’s writing at the climax of his books.

  3. Glad to see you created a WordPress blog! Way to go, it looks awesome! Keep writing!

  4. Hello! I tagged you in this post:


    (I should post some of my Ravelry Scene Prompts on my blog, that’s a great idea!!)

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