The 777 Tag: A Taste of REBEL HEIR

I don’t normally do tags. Mainly I forget. Or I have real *coughs* my own material that I’d rather post on my blog. Besides, all tags seem the same after you’ve been watching them for several years.

But this one is actually cool.

At least Scarlett approves. For now that’s enough.

So, thanks Kate for tagging on the 777 Blog Tag.

Simple rules:

Thank and link to the blogger who nominated you (check)

a taste of rebel heirGo to the seventh page of your WIP, start at the seventh line, and share the next seven paragraphs. (Why seven? Don’t ask me. Scarlett says they should have done six but that’s just her perverse sense of humor.)

Then nominate seven other bloggers (eh, no. I mean, most people have done it. Maybe one or two?)

So, page seven of my current WIP, Rebel Heir.

Yes, there are going to be typos. It’s not edited. Deal with it. Also I rebelled and did more than seven paragraphs. Because seven paragraphs of dialogue are not very long.


Jethren shoved the lad. “I’ll take care of them.”

“All three?”

Jethren let water pool in his palm in response. Flecks of blue light danced over the surface.

The lad’s sapphire eyes widened like portals of starlight.

Jethren jerked his head. “Get on, then.”

Damien spun and fled.

Children trusted so easily when they were young.

Jethren drew a deep breath and tugged at the coolness in his chest. It curled around his fingertips. The rain would give him half a chance, even if the single life saved would do nothing to ease the blood already split.

“Where’s the kid?” The flamespinner jerked forward, pressing the corner of his cloak to a cut along his face.

The man standing at the rim of the ring shrugged one shoulder.


“I’m not the one who let him escape.” The man glared at the flamespinner. Jethren’s lip twisted then faded to a grimace. The disapproving disappointment of an older brother was the same realms through, the overprotective crumpets.

“Fine.” Flamespinner stalked to the edge of the ring, golden light from the flames brushing to the edge of Jethren’s concealment.

“Yeah. No.” Seanan shoved him back. “We’ll not have you faint from blood loss again, thank you very much.”

The windwarden fell into a spasm of choking, and Flamespinner’s fist clenched. Seanan ignored them both and swept the shadows with his gaze.

A ward who could see in the night—of course they’d have one with them. Flamespinner’s twin, most likely except with the invisible abilities of his brother. Thought themselves nigh invincible, did they? Someone ought to fix that.


Hopefully plunging into the middle of a fight where the characters have powers wasn’t too bewildering.

*evil chuckling*

So sorry.


And now for tagging others. I guess I’ll tag Nolie Alcarturiel and Sarah Baran. And whoever else wants to take part.


Have fun!

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  1. Now I must read all of the story 😉

  2. Oohh, I’ve been waiting a long time to get tagged for this one.

    Why is sevens, though? Sixes would be nicer. They’re an even number. They look pretty. They sound pretty. Why isn’t it the 66–

    Oh now I get it.

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