Join the Legendaires!

Want the inside scoop on my writing, first looks at upcoming projects, top-secret snippets, and a chance to tell everyone you know about awesome stories, sales, free stuff and all the other things you need to earn their undying gratitude? Well, you've come to the right place.


What are the Legendaires? Well, besides being a cool mix of the words ‘legend’ and ‘legionnaire’, it’s also the title of my street team. Or, as I prefer to think of it, a legion of dedicated fans intent on spreading hope through the world.

Hope in the abstract sense, I mean. It would be a little painful to cover the world with myself. Not to mention it would be completely useless.

As part of this street legion you will access:

  • Secret emails with new characters, ideas, and what I'm doing next
  • First looks at book covers
  • Access to the official Legendaire Facebook group
  • My thanks, shouted as I fly by on a dragon

But what exactly is expected of a Legendaire?

To have fun! Honestly.

Interact with others, because what is life without connection to people with similar passions as you?

And yes, at times I'll have sales or new books or things I want to tell others about. If you're able, you can share those with other friends who are interested.

Above all, this is a place where we enjoy life and are connected in one way or another through my writing. Not because it's the most awesome writing in the world and hence it deserves its own army. But because it is yet another way we can scratch the surface of one of this world's great truths: the truth that there is hope beyond the shadows. The truth that there is more than what we see. The truth that, even when things crumple to pieces and end in destruction and doubt, there is a plan beyond anything we see.

Because of that, we live in hope. And life is a little less dark for it.


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What are you waiting for?