Join the Legendaires!

What are the Legendaires? Well, besides being a cool mix of the words ‘legend’ and ‘legionnaire’ (a term I’m a bit too pleased with), it’s also the title of my street team. Or, as I prefer to think of it, my legion of dedicated and raving fans.

Ok, so maybe you’re not raving. Maybe you’re not even reading this anymore. Maybe… but I digress.

A street team *clears throat* ahem, street legion is for those people who enjoy my books and are excited about telling everyone else about them. Social media and promotions are helpful, but they can’t compare to word of mouth recommendations. When I read a book I love, I nag my sister until she reads it and is sucked into the fictional world as well. And I write book reviews (most of the times). And gush about them to my friends. And yes, I do post about them on social media. The whole shebang. This legion is for those who feel that way about my books and would love to help promote them and get special perks for doing so.

You didn’t think I expected blood, sweat, and tears from you all with no recompense, did you?

So, firstly, the fun part. Those enlisted in the Legendaires can expect:

  • Subscription to an exclusive e-mail list with secret sneak-peaks at my works in progress
  • First looks at my covers, ideas, and other cool things
  • A link to a special page with promotional pictures and material which you can save or copy and paste
  • First chances at ARCs
  • Acceptance into an exclusive Facebook group (for those of you on Facebook… I’m discovering quite a few of you aren’t on there)
  • To earn points, both as competing teams and personally for extra rewards
  • My eternal gratitude. After all, what is a writer without readers and fans? That’s right, not much.

But what exactly is a Legendaire expected to do? Here are a few task suggestions of things Legendaires are encouraged (not required!) to do. You can add to this list or do something else completely. Just do what is natural and comfortable for you.


  • Tell people you know about the books, forcing them to read it by sword point if you must
  • Buy the books during the first week of release – this is the most important time to get a book on a bestseller list
  • Ask your local library to order my books – most places have a form you can fill out with purchase requests


  • Join me in release launches though blog posts, blog tours, etc.
  • Review the books as soon as possible at online retailers with your (honest) thoughts. This also helps increase ranking and visibility.
  • Share about the books – mainly new releases – on various social media sites like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, etc.

Now, while it would be cool to take the world by storm with an army of Legendaires, that is not my intent. But do I want to make it easy for you to help promote my books if you love them. It’s all about you, you know. *sly chuckle* Ok, I’ve a stake in it too. And, if you join the Legendaires, you only need to stay as long as you wish. You can leave anytime by simply unsubscribing from the e-mails I’ll send you or by contacting me directly.

And, an official disclaimer… due to me learning as I go, there’s a good chance things such as perks and e-mails will change occasionally as I work through the details of marshaling and leading a legion.

Sound like something you’d be interested in? Enlist below!


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