Strangers, Friends, and Playing the Part of an ENFJ Villain

It’s been an amazing month. Because of people, mainly. Yes, I’m an introvert, but that doesn’t mean people don’t have their time and place.

Or… something.

But guys, I went to the first Story Embers retreat this month!

Some of you probably knew that already. I’ve posted enough pictures. I’ll post a few more here for good measure.

And then there was the afternoon we played phychiatrist and I got to go figure out what was wrong with everyone. Half the fun of that game is the ‘play-acting’ of the psychiatrist and I decided to ‘channel’ the ENFJ villainess who has been giving me so much trouble in my writing.

It was so much fun.

Other things added to the retreat. Such as an overnight train there and back. And discussions before dawn with the most haphazard collection of strangers about things as random as physics to the basis of morality. It was quite fascinating.

Traveling is only half of it. But the sad thing about all this fun (and the photo shoots, and chiropractor visits, and butchering chickens) is that my writing is suffering.

But I’m catching up on sleep this week, so next week I’ll be able to jump back in and hopefully get something done.

My Writing


  • Wrote up a short story, Last Pages
  • Started Disguised for Peace
  • Other… random things. I think?

Goals for July:

  • Write to the midpoint of Disguised for Peace
  • Figure out my writing plan for the next six months and decide if I want to start the next Legends of Light novella or work on my novel.

I need your help with this. I have been publishing a Legends of Light novella around once every sixish months. As readers, would you want another novella this winter. Or would you rather wait longer and get a completely separate, full-length novel say… next summer or fall? I await your wisdom/opinion (then will do what I think is logically best, but that’s beside the point. I need information from you to figure that out).

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  1. 😀 How long did it take you to figure out what the problem with everyone was?

  2. Oh…I honestly don’t know. I’ve really enjoyed your novellas. But I also looooove full-length books….

    Guess I’ll just be happy with whatever happens!

    Looks like fun was had this month, though! I love getting together with folks from my own writing group. Always so much fun!!

    And butchering chickens. Yup. Fun. If you can get an assembly line, where everyone has their own job, it goes much faster. And an automatic plucker is a life-saver!

  3. C.M. - II Tim. 1:7

    I do love full-length books! Novellas are great as in-between peeks of background stories, but full length allows you to have more time/space to develop characters. I have enjoyed your short stories and novellas, though, but it seems that the story plot itself feels a bit too short or rushed…

  4. Psychiatrist, eh? Sounds… villainously epic. *rubs hands together gleefully* I must introduce the practice to my writing friends.
    An ST retreat? Is that just a board thing, or are you guys going to do some sort of public retreat or conference as well? Because that would be epic.
    Hmm… on the subject of novel, I love your novellas, but I would love even more to have a full length novel from. Because novellas are great, but one can pack so much more heartbreaking angst into a novel.
    Butchering chickens sounds entertaining. Especially when it’s all done and turned into fried chicken… that’s when you can call me in to help.

    • The SE retreat was a staff deal. One of these days, hopefully, we will have some sort of conference. 😉 Someday.

  5. Wow it looks like you had heaps of fun! 😀 I’M GOING TO REALM MAKERS TOO (btw, I’m Jenwriter17 from KP and Story Embers 😉 )
    I love novels, so my vote would be waiting for a full-length novel. 😉

  6. How do you play phychiatrist? Sounds fun! 😊

    • Basically everyone has a ‘problem’. Cant see, maybe. Or think they are dead. Or something. And one person is the psychiatrist and has to ask them questions and figure out what is wrong.

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