Sign of Kings

Creating symbols for fantasy worlds can be fun. Trying to describe them in a book can be a little trickier. The Sign of Kings, in The Shield and Spear, is a case in point. I’ve drawn it, but had a hard time describing it. Hopefully, whenever the book is published, I’ll have a picture of the Sign in there. But, for now, here is a picture of it…I twisted the Sign in wire and then used a nature photograph from one of my friends as a background.
The Sign here isn’t perfect; the center part should be slenderer, but it was
the best I was able to do.
Also, a piece of good news. I finished my current correction of The Shield and Spear! All major corrections are taken care of, characters and emotions have improved well, and other bits have been straightened out. I’m going to start reading the book out loud to myself for a ‘final’ polishing (as if any correction is every final) but maybe I’ll be able to submit the book to a publishing house by the end of this year after all!
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