September Highlights: Work, mainly

My Life

Lots of writing. Well, for the first half of the month. Mainly Fidelyon. I got that finished. By which I mean this draft is finished. It still needs a little work before it’s ready for beta readers.

Also, I started my new job at Culvers. I’m enjoying it, so far. Yes, yes. I know. New things are enjoyable and then sometimes they get boring. But I think I’m going to like this job quite a bit. They put me on register on my fourth day. Besides, I get to watch and interact with people. Maybe I’m not quite as much an introvert as I thought. XD


Also, the ‘Hope’ puns started about five minutes after I walked through the door. Some of the managers must really enjoy Star Wars. With my name being Hope and my brother who works with me having the name of Luke… they have fun.

I’ve also been working to prepare Burning Rose for publication (that’s only four days away, guys! *gulps*) I’ll be writing a post in the next month or two about everything I learned about Createspace during the process.

My Writing


I am pretty happy with this month’s work.

  • Fidelyon is done, with a total word count of 240,215. I wrote over 17,000 in the second week of September alone, finishing the novel.
  • Snow White is started! I wrote the whole thing, though the second half ended up being a few paragraphs per chapter of a detailed outline. Then I went back, figured things out, and now I’m nearly half done.
  • Prepared Burning Rose for publication.


  • Write the Snow White retelling for the Rooglewood contest and get it ready for editing (really, this time).
  • Read through the whole of Fidelyon and start correcting it.
  • Finish and wrap up the Burning Rose launch and write up related checklists and such.

Google Searches:

Not quite as exciting as last month. I’ve been doing more outlining than writing. Ready?

  • Does the queen sit on the left or right or a king? To the left, generally

Sorry, that’s all I got. Except for technical searches about Scrivener or personal searches about postal service rules.


Time to break out restaurant memes!

resturant humor

Although I must say, serving people is fun. Within set hours, of course. Being an insensitive INTJ who finds rudeness hilarious rather than offensive helps too. Though, to be fair, most people to come into Culvers are very nice. It is a great atmosphere.

Have any fall plans? Have you been to Culvers before? (If you haven’t, you’ve got to go) Do you have your Rooglewood story written yet, if you are entering the contest?

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  1. I haven’t been to a Culvers before…it must not be around where I live, because I’ve never even heard of it before and am ready to Google it…

    But I thought of entering the Rooglewood contest. But with all my other WIPs on my plate, and me being strict about schedules (and not to mention I’ve never done a fairy-tale retelling), I decided against it. Kinda regretting it, after hearing everyone talk about their Snow White retellings. But oh well.

    How are you liking Scrivener? I got it last year, and really enjoyed it…did a lot of editing on one of my Heritage of Kings novels, and then, for some reason, haven’t used it for Betrayal and Bravery. Not even sure why. I think it’s because I’m too lazy to transcribe everything over…lol

    • Yes, Culvers isn’t everywhere. Yet. It’s focused in the midwest, I think. It’s very good.

      I thought about dropping my Rooglewood story because of everything else going on but my friend talked me out of it. For now.

      I LOVE Scrivener. I don’t know what I did without it. Especially for my long books where I flip povs a lot. I’ve not tinkered the the transcribing bit much, but I can transcribe it to a word document so that works.

  2. So good that you’re enjoying working at Culvers! And I can totally see how all those puns would happen. 😛

    And yeeeet. I can’t wait to hear more about your Snow White retelling. *bounces*

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