Rose of Prophecy

Rose of Prophecy was my first fairy tale retelling and the first novella in my Legends of Light series, but it was originally written for a contest. As I wrote the next novellas I realized that, while Rose of Prophecy was a sweet enough story in its own right, I could do better theme and history wise to fit the series better. So I rewrote Beauty and the Beast a second time, with a different storyline and more history. You can download that novella, Rose of the Oath, for free on Amazon, if you wish.

Though I unpublished Rose of Prophecy, I did want to have a way for those who may have heard of it to get it. Hence, this page. Click the photo or the link at the bottom to receive an ebook copy of Rose of Prophecy.

She is afraid. Not because she is alone. Not because thick roiling clouds obscure the moon. Not because the wind rushes through the forest like a wild dragon. She is afraid because she is late. And to be late means death.

Her life had been happy once.

Despite the destruction wreaked by Tauscher, traitor to the King. Despite the distant war led by the Prince and fought with the help of her three brothers. Despite her own poorly-chosen nickname of Beauty, she’d enjoyed life.

Of course, that was also before her father left home on a hopeful errand but returned weary and ill, bearing a velvety scarlet rose which he claimed would never wither. But even life in the ancient hall, tucked away in the center of Mosswood, surrounded by roses of every description, overshadowed with mystery and home to a scarred figure who is more beast than man, wasn’t too bad after a time.

But now… now, in a flash of light, Beauty finally glimpses the truth. And the cost. The price which must be paid, or the sacrifice which must be made.

It is a curse which love alone may not be able to break.

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