Pilgrims and Progress

Good day, my fellow pilgrims. Can I call you pilgrims?


You just had to ask, didn’t you?

Very well. I want to call you something. You’re not a bunch of nameless faces, after all and I’d rather say something other than ‘hey guys’. Besides the term ‘pilgrim’ is fitting, if I say so myself.

*coughs* I do say so. *coughs*

A pilgrim travels, just as we are all traveling. There’s journey involved in writing a book. Or reading one. Or the pilgrimage of life as we pass as strangers and witnesses in a strange land until we reach our final and glorious home in heaven.

*inhales deeply* That was…deep. Also, there’s this song that I like which fits very well.

All right, pilgrims, on to lighter topics.

Who here has seen the trailer for the 2017 Beauty and the Beast, taken screenshots of practically the whole thing, and then made collages of them? *raises hand guiltily* Why does release date have to be nearly ten months away?

Once this movies comes out, I’m seriously going to have to make some new collages for Rose of Prophecy.

But I did say progress in the title of this post, and it’s true.

For starters, I finished the second draft of Scarlet Rose yesterday!

*internal cheering*

This is the first book in my futuristic trilogy called – you guessed it – Scarlet Rose! There’s plenty of work to be done on this book which is very much in progress. The main problems is I’ve so many secondary characters and subplots that they’re drowning out the main character in my story. And yet I don’t want to get rid of anything. *sighs* The troubles of a writer. But better too much than too little, right? Or not. I’m still not sure on that quarter.

Nextly (yes, I made the word up. And I like it. I think I will keep it) I was looking forward to the Rooglewood fairy-tale novella contest which was to be announced in June, only to discover this past week that it has been postponed until next year. While a little disappointed, I have to admit I was also relieved. Selfish, I know. But now I’ve more time to focus on my own novellas.

Speaking of which, Song of the Sword is progressing well. I’ve been getting beta reader feedback and am focusing on clarifying various points which are confusing. And I’ve been planning my launch which is in two months! Where did the time fly? And I’m hoping to have review copies of Song of the Sword ready by the beginning of July! But I’ve got everything written down and the various tasks I need to do deadline out.

And no, it’s not because I’m super organized. Well, actually, I may be super organized. But I can’t relax unless I’ve everything laid out and know what I need to get done and by what time.

I’ve also been preparing a street team. And a Facebook page for said street team. And cool blog buttons. And promotional pictures. You’ll get to see them in a week or two, so keep your eyes open!

Life has been buzzing along at a rapid pace and summer’s heat struck with a vengeance this week. The relation between life and myself can be summed up accurately by this gif…with life, of course, being the cat who’s completely relaxed and without a care in the world:

On that note, anyone seen HOME yet? Because it’s adorable. And such a different take on a common story line of aliens invading earth…

What do you think, pilgrims? Do you accept the title I’ve given you? Also how do you prefer to write: starting with too much information and clipping, or having too little and being forced to add more? How are you dealing with summer’s heat? And, most importantly, what do you think of ‘nextly’ becoming an official word?

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  1. Hi, Hope! Where did you learn that the Rooglewood contest was going to be postponed? 🙁

  2. *gives general thumbs up for all general information in general* Nextly is awesome. I love being called a pilgrim. Summer is terrible. That gif is so cute. I love the collages. I’m so happy that you’re ‘done’ with Scarlet Rose.
    Aaaand… my writing process is a mix of both. Actually, I usually write and replace. 😛 But I think I cut more than I add, so that’s good. 😉
    And I was so disappointed about the Rooglewood contest… *sniffsniff* Oh well. I’ll enjoy it all the more next year.

    • At least we have air conditioner here…to a certain degree. My bedroom happens to be the hottest room of the house, but we manage to survive. 😉

      I write and replace quite a bit to. Sometimes I rewrite whole sections of the book…it makes for an interesting time when one looks back to see how the story used to end. 😉

  3. noliealcarturiel

    In the words of Oscar N. Reteep, “As someone, somewhere, must have said at some time —” why not? English has a long and not always inglorious history of making up words, and I like the look and sound of “nextly”. It’s not as silly as some (looking at one new ‘word’, ‘selfie’).

    If I start out knowing too much, I often end up dropping the story because I lose interest. on the other hand, my current newest story is having the opposite problem. Sometimes I feel like Bilbo under the Misty Mountains, not knowing whether his eyes were open or not, because I really can’t see much more than one scene in front of me at a time. And as to knowing how the story ends —!

    Oh, and we don’t have heat here, we have rain. It was raining steadily on a barn-raising most of today.

    • I wish we’d get rain. We’re supposed to, but it seems to go around us. It’s not that dry yet, but we need some rain.
      I like knowing how my story will end. I still discover things as I go, and may end up changing the end, but I like to at least have a working idea of the whole thing before I start.

  4. Congrats on finishing your second draft!
    I have seen the new B&B trailer and I’m walking a tightrope between “AHHHH THIS WILL BE AWESOME” and “oh storms they’re going to ruin it I’m terrified.” The latter is illogical, of course, but I am not a Vulcan and so can be excused for not being logical 100% of the time.
    Also, in regards to your question- it depends. When I’m outlining, I’d rather have too little information and have to add some, because that’s generally where a lot of awesomeness comes from. But when I’m going from a first to second draft, I’d rather have too much in the first draft and have to clip some moving to the second.

    • Thanks. 🙂 It’s always nice getting new drafts done even when I know I still have plenty of work to do.

      I have pretty high hopes for Beauty and the Beast. Of course, they could ruin it. But Cinderella turned out well… 😉

      • You’re welcome. 🙂 And I certainly agree.
        I didn’t watch Cinderella, exactly. (I’m starting to burn out on Cinderella retellings, and I had writing to do when my family watched it, so I just watched bits and snippets.) But from what I saw, it did look good.

  5. Nextly is definitely a word.

    I haven’t seen Home, but I’ve read the book it was based on-The True Meaning of Smekday. It’s really good and HILARIOUS! Have you read it?

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