Oliver Pent

Time for another character profile from Scarlet Rose. This will probably be the last full one you’ll get for while, unless I’ve forgotten someone (not an unlikely happening).
Oliver Pent is in his 50s, and he’s the one who takes charge of Anna, posing as her father after her memories have been replaced. He’s an interesting character (though currently underdeveloped in my first draft) and a bit sad as well.
He was instrumental in bringing Jasper and the Doran brothers (Preston and Jenson) together and has known Jasper ever since he was young. Oliver has his own hopes for Enigma and, even though he’s worked for the Reasoners his whole life, he frankly doesn’t care if they continue in power or are overthrown. What he does care about is his own position in whatever government is in charge.
But the older he gets, the more Oliver discovers that power does nothing to ease the gnawing loneliness. And the one thing he wants most is the one thing that consistently eludes him…the love of his daughter.
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  1. Wow, he sounds really neat. Not like the kind of character to just snap you up and shake you to pieces emotionally the moment you meet him, but complex and very interesting just the same.
    I hope you'll let me read this one when you finish it.

    ~Fereleth, Carrier of Light

  2. Interesting character….. I was wondering, sometime could you make a tree, or something like that, with all of the different characters and how they each connect with the other characters. You have a lot of characters, which is a good thing! But I am starting to get a little confused. You don't have to, it's just a thought!

  3. I do have lots of characters, though hopefully it won't be too confusing when the book is read. But a character tree is a fun idea…I might do that sometime. 😉

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