October Highlights

Greetings, my fellow Pilgrims. How have you been treating life this month? Stumbled over any adventures recently? Found any moments to relax calmly with a book? One can wish, right. And hey, I’ve found some time to read this month, though not as much as I’d like. Apparently life and time do not approve of the fullness of my scheduled.

My Life

Let’s see… *frowns* *rubs forehead* How can one be so busy, and yet when it comes time to document what has happened they go blank.

There’s been school, of course. Not for me, but I’ve been teaching two of my brothers how to write papers. You can imagine how thrilled they are about that, but hey…it’s something everyone should know how to do. Another brother, who’s taken an fiction, is learning how to write a novel this year so I’ve been trying to explain how to structure a plot, how conflict works, the need for some reason to win, etc. It’s been…interesting. *bites lip*

Another piece of life keeping me busy is NaNo…or the preparation there of. For one, I’ve been outlining my project or, to be more exact, stressing because I can’t seem to outline it. You’ll get more details of what exactly I’ll be writing in next week’s newsletter. Otherwise you’ll have to wait until my grand reveal part way through November. *smirks* Go on, you can sign up to my newsletter if you want.

Ok, self-promotion over. Hey, I have to do it sometime, right? Anyway, as some of you might know, I help out with a great site for young Christian writers called Kingdom Pen. If you’ve not heard of them, you should seriously check them out. It’s quite cool. But we are putting together a series of NaNo email, one for each day of November, with quotes, inspiration, a day by day countdown and word goal count-up. So I’ve been putting together templates, organizing graphics, helping get blog posts together and write out emails… Like I said, busy. But I think the emails are going to be fun, and if you want to check them out and sign up yourself, you can do that over here.

Oh yes, and no picture is complete without a few pictures. Here’s two photos I took of an agate slice I decorated with the wire outline of the King’s Sign from Fidelyon.

One final ‘life’ note is that I’m going to a writer’s conference in Anderson Indiana today! I’m very excited about that…you’ll get more information in a special post in a week or two. If I have time, of course.

From the mouths of others

I like to scribble down funny lines I hear others say. And with eight younger siblings, I pick up a random assortment of logic and thoughts. Here are some of my favorite ‘quotes’ of the past few months from my four-year-old sister and youngest sibling:

Sister climbing on tire swing with me:

Me: But who is going to push us?

Her: You can push me.

Her, looking at all the freckles on my arms:

“Where are the polka dots on your arms from?”

After telling Grace to sit down with a snack:

“I always do, sometimes.”

A fire lighter is a fire snap

Death according to my four-year-old sister:

“Blood, then dirt on top of you.”


Ehh, yes, so I’ve been doing that like normal.


  • I’ve changed the title of my Hansel and Gretel retelling from Forest of Darkness to Shadows of the Harsweald. Also, it is now progressing splendidly in that it is now readable. I’ll probably have it ready for beta readers sometime in latish November.
  • I’m going over Fidelyon, implementing beta reader feedback and shortening the novel. It was nearly 9000 words over the 140,000 word limit (which is the maximum word count Enclave Publishing will accept, and since I’d like to try to get the novel traditionally published there, I need to shave it down some.) At first I was in despair…how can one clip two chapter’s worth of material? But then I realized if I only shortened each chapter by 100 words through tightening here and there, I’d cut the novel down by 5500 just like that. And since I’ve been able to take around 200 words off each chapter so far, I’ve high hopes of landing beneath the word count when I’m finished with this round of polishing.
  • Scarlet Rose is coming along, kind of. I set up a deadline for it to be readable by the end of the year, then abandoned said deadline within a week because I’m really trying to work on priorities (meaning three main projects is maybe enough…)
  • Planning for my NaNo project. My NaNo name is Hope Ann.

Other Writing


  • Oh, one other thing, I’m putting together an email list of anyone who wants to receive alerts when I have something ready to beta read. If you’re interested, you can sign up here.

Cliche Benders

The dystopian dictator who wants a rebellion so he doesn’t have to rule. A rebellion which wants to set up a worse government than that already in place. A futuristic society with a lenient government.


My reaction when I’ve messed something up.

Fandom Corner

I love Lord of the Ring and Hobbit songs. Here is one of my new favorites I found this month.

What have you been up to this month? What are your favorite Middle Earth songs or versions of said songs? Have you ever seen Megamind? And, the question everyone is asking nowadays, are you taking part in NaNo?

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  1. Oooooooo!!! That Agate is GORGEOUS!!! A STUNNING shade of blue!!

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