October Highlights: Culver’s, Confrences, and Concerts

My Life

I knew when I started my job at Culvers that I’d not have as much time for writing. I didn’t count in the mental exhaustion of trying to write after a day of work. Still, it’s not the two part-time jobs I have that has slowed me down this month so much as it’s my struggle with my Snow White retelling. More on that in a moment. But it’s not been easy and it’s still not quite together.

I have been enjoying Culver’s. Curd Nerd weekend was quite fun. We got free shirts and got to dress in a more casual style.


Two of my brothers and myself

And I went to my first concert this month! I love the group For King and Country and it was very cool to see them perform live.


photo credit to my sister, Joy

And yes, I am reading while in line to get inside. Don’t judge. It was an interesting part and a Brandon Sanderson book, okay?

My Writing

I attended the Indiana Faith and Writing Confrence this month and got to spend the day with two dear friends. Plus, of course, there were the workshops and meeting new authors and generally having a good time. I may go again next year, though I’m holding out hopes of attending Realm Makers in 2018. If I do that, I may not be able to attend this one too.



Photo credit to Corissa, Maiden of Praise



I didn’t get as much done as I wanted this month.

  • Fidelyon: I read through the whole novel and I’ve noted the parts I need to smooth or cut or work on. I’ve also been reworking some of the prophecy bits.
  • I’m working on Snow White. The working title is Treaty’s Curse. I have a kinda have draft written at 15,000 words. Now to work through it and make it all make sense.
  • Launched Burning Rose.


  • Finish Treaty’s Curse, send it to a few beta readers and get it ready for general editing
  • Correct part one of Fidelyon
  • And no. I’m not doing NaNoWriMo

My Writing:

  • I published a poem, Between Two Worlds on Kingdom Pen. It’s one of the favorite poems I’ve written to date.

Google Searches:

Not much this month.

  • What is the base pigment for red paint? burnt umber, dark red ochre
  • Free social media scheduling tools – because hootsuite has a limit on how many posts I can schedule now
  • Do bones burn? No, I’m not trying to depose of a body. They aren’t even human bones. I just want to know if ground bone would burn or dampen a fire.


Just because…

never late

And this makes me laugh every year.


Are you taking part in NaNo? Enjoying the cooler weather? Have you heard of For King and Country or ever been to a concert? 

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  1. I like For King and Country as well. My favorite song is “The Proof of Your Love”. Have you read their book “Priceless” or seen the movie? Sex trafficking is such a difficult subject but it is so good that many people are taking on the challenge of bringing it out into the open. I read the book. Missed the movie as we were traveling when it was in theaters.


    • No, I’ve not seen or read Priceless, though I really want to. My sister and I are hoping to get it sometime. And I love Proof of Your Love. That was the first music video of theirs that I watched. I’m not sure how many times I saw it first few days… XD

  2. Oh, you got to see For King and Country live! I am so jealous…

  3. “A wizard is never late…unfortunately you’re not a wizard.” *cracks up* Aaah I must remember this for next time someone quotes that. XD

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