November Highlights

So this month has been insane. Don’t look at me like that. I know I say that every month, but really…I’m not doing NaNo every month. Writing around 2000 words a day isn’t so hard. Writing 2000 words a day while still trying to keep up on all my other writing and work is another thing. But I survived. Unless my ghost is writing this and I’ve just been too busy to notice the transition.

My Life

NaNo, obviously. But it hasn’t just been NaNo.

I went and saw Doctor Strange! In 3D! 3D is so cool. The depth is worth the slight trouble of keeping the 3D glasses in position. I enjoyed the story and I loved the characters. The costumes! *rubs hands together* Then there was that cape with a personality of it’s own… So cool.

Then, later in the month, Joy, Liberty, and I took a trip to the mall. Well, Joy and I took Liberty there because she hadn’t been there before. The most memorable part was running up a escalator going down, because the up one wasn’t working and we thought it would be more fun than actually going to the real stairs and just walking up them.

And, one evening, I dressed up and Joy took these photos of me.

Yes. Fun stuff.

From the mouths of children:

I like to scribble down funny lines I hear others say. And with eight younger siblings, I pick up a random assortment of logic and thoughts.

Me: the sound teeth make when they are chatter is cool
Joy: It’s not cool. It’s your bones clattering against each other.

My eleven-year-old brother at breakfast: Gravity keeps us down so if there were a hole through the middle of the earth, would you fall through or would you fall to the bottom and stop?

My four-year-old sister after coming in from playing outside in the dark: It is so fun out in the darkness.

My Writing

Did I mention I did NaNo this year? My novelette which prequals my Beauty and the Beast retelling is done, though it needs lots of work. And my Beauty and the Beast novella is almost done. I’m on track for getting it (and NaNo) done by November 30th.


  • Shadows of the Harsweald is going well. I should have it open for beta reading in a few weeks. If you want to get notifications when it is ready, you can sign up here.
  • I’m going over Fidelyon still, working on beta reader feedback and clipping. It’s going well.
  • Scarlet Rose has been sadly neglected, but I’m hoping to get moving on that more this month

Other Writing


  • Oh, and I’ve started another Fiverr Gig…this one to format ebooks. You can check out the details herehere.


I love these INTJ pictures from Pinterest…

Fandom Corner

Has anyone seen Poldark? I’m really enjoying it, though I detest Ross at this moment.

What have you been up to this month? Did you do NaNo? Have you seen Poldark? Everyone listening to Christmas music by now? Are any of you going Black Friday shopping?

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  1. Doctor Strange is so good! I’m hoping my brother coming home for the weekend will be an excuse to go see it again. 0=)

    You’ve got some pretty cool costumes too. ^_^ Poldark looks pretty neat — is it clean?

    • Poldark is pretty clean. Well… there isn’t much swearing. And there isn’t normally much of ought else, but there is one or two scenes in each season which get a little racy. 🙁 But it is pretty obvious when they are coming, so it’s not too hard to cover up the screen…

  2. Okay, so is it Hersweald or Harsweald? Cuz I’m just about positive I spelt it Hersweald on the cover and you didn’t say anything…

    *coughs* Oh yes. Nice post. 😛 Sounds busy. 😉

  3. Hello! I’ve been so busy I haven’t really had time for much lately. My schoolwork and violin lessons are attempting to drown me, along with life’s other things. *semi-nervous laughter* But it seems I finally have time to comment for once, though I have been reading your posts, just quietly lurking in the shadows due to lack of time to get on my computer. XD Which may or may not sound a bit creepy. Whoops.
    I did NaNo last year with my story A Thief’s Redemption, but I didn’t do it this year. I didn’t feel like God was calling me to do it this year, but it’s all good. ^-^ Besides, I probably would have imploded with stress if I tried. I don’t think I can recall a year that’s been so busy. As for Christmas music, the Christian station has officially begun to play it, but I’ve been practicing Christmas songs on my violin since October. The life of a musician. XD
    Oh! Yes, Poldark. My mom and I finished all of season one in a day over the latter part of the summer, but we haven’t seen the second season yet. We did, however, get my dad to watch it and now he likes it. Most of it’s good, though it does have it’s not-so-good moments at times, but thankfully nothing too bad, and you can just skip through those parts. Have you already seen all of season one?

  4. How is “Hersweald” pronounced? The “ea” combination can take a lot of different forms depending on which language the root word is from, but in this case that doesn’t seem to apply, so I’m a bit lost.

    • Her (as in she, her, hers) s (as in sun) weald (with the ea as in ee). At least, that is my current pronunciation. I’m still shifting between the first part being ‘her’ or ‘h-are’.

  5. *gasp* The cloak has its own personality?? That’s it! Screw the fact I’m broke. I’m watching Dr. Strange!! (although maybe not in 3D. I’ve never been very impressed with 3D and I’m not 100% certain of how the 3D glasses can fit over my glasses without them falling off every three seconds).
    and Poldark…my sister and I watched the first two episodes and we both went “nope!” Sure, I love stories from that era, and I couldn’t stop halfway through an episode because I had to see how it ended, but Ross annoyed me SO MUCH. I wanted to strangle him, no kidding. “Stop being an angsty jerk, Ross. Elizabeth is married, Ross. Francis is awesome, Ross. Don’t DO that, Ross. I hate you, Ross.”

    • Oh yes, the cloak isn’t in the movie enough in my opinion.

      Ross can be a jerk. We go back and forth between liking him and yelling at him. Mostly yelling at him recently…

  6. Ooooooooo Ross Poldark you are the biggest jerk ever! AUUUUGH!
    When he came back home after the episode two weeks ago I cheered when Demelza slapped him. I wanted to pummel him so bad.
    There are a few scenes, (like two weeks ago) when we turn the channel, but I don’t actually hear much swearing, which surprised me.
    I was soooooo glad that he came home and made up with Demelza. Let Elizabeth spoil her life by marrying Francis. Who cares about her? I’m just happy Ross has finally gotten his love situated out. Yay Demelza!
    My favorite character was Francis, and they had to go and kill him. Now my favorite is Dwight, who still needs to marry Caroline. Bleh to her uncle.
    Hope, was the episode this Sunday the last one for the season?

    • Yes, and I won’t see it until this afternoon. *glares at you* Still, I know he and Demelza get back together, so it’s not as if that’s a spoiler. But shhh about anything else until tonight. Please?

  7. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Don’t you watch it on PBS when it airs?

  8. YAY NANO!! My novel was pretty hard to write this year, but I’m glad I got it finished and it can fester on its lonesome for a while before I edit.😂 I’m glad you’ve enjoyed doing it, though, eeep! SO MUCH BUSYNESS FOR YOU!
    And I love that INTJ quote photo.😂 THAT’S ME TOO.
    And nope, not listening to Christmas music.🙈🙊 I try to leave that as late as possible. Why yes…I am the Grinch. XD

    • Last week I decided I wanted to be done with NaNo, so I sat down and finished it…which ended up to around 7000 words. A nice amount for one day, but nothing like a novel in just three days. Now that… that is insane. 😀

  9. November was actually kind of chill for me (it’s not usually chill for me). Congrats of finishing for NaNo short story!

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