Never taken for granted

Don’t take life for granted. Not the music or the lights or the hundred tiny threads weaving through every day.

I was going to tie the thought of taking life for granted with Christmas and the holidays. Except my attempt at that turned into a rambling intro with no point. So, skipping to the point of all this…how do we treat what we love?

It still is somewhat fitting because there must be something you enjoy in all of the holiday madness and laughter and insanity—even if it’s just the quiet that comes when it is all over.

Flashbacking real quick; over the summer at one of the retreats, I was asked a question:

What is one thing about yourself you don’t ever want to lose?

It was something I’d not thought about before, but once it was asked, the answer wasn’t hard to find.

I don’t want to take anything for granted.

Life is an adventure. Good times. Bad times. Things come and go. And whenever there is something good in my life, I love it. I want to cling to it and never let go. Even when I’ve had a particular thing for years, I’ll still marvel that I get to enjoy that friend or relationship.

Now, my view on life and good things can get me in trouble because I want to hold onto things too tight. I have to train myself to let go. I see beauty and my natural tendency is to cling to it because there’s no guarantee anything will come again that matches it.

That is a topic for another time and something I’ve been working on.

For now, my point is ‘don’t take anything for granted.’ Live in the wonderment of life. Enjoy the soft whisper of falling snow. Look at your family and your friends and let yourself be amazed at the people they are.

Not taking something for granted doesn’t mean we live in fear of it vanishing. What it does mean is that we appreciate it for what it is. We love each little aspect of life, be it a flower we know will wilt the next day or a friendship we trust will last our whole life.

Each day and each moment is its own tiny miracle. When we can appreciate these things, instead of allowing them to become normal and ‘just how things are,’ it makes it that much easier to find joy in life. It’s in the little things; in every step of our journey through this life, that we actually live and love.

And it is glorious.

What about you? What is something about yourself you hope never changes?

And what is one thing in your life that you hope to always appreciate and never take for granted?

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