My First Vlog…

Hello, everyone! So I finally decided (after many nights of agonizing with myself and telling myself that posting three times a week was enough and no one wanted to hear more about me) that Saturdays are going to be my random days for occasional posts…things like writing or book tags. Or vlogs!

Thanks to my friend, Ivy Rose, I have now started vlogging. Well, a little. I’m taking part in her Very Awesome Vlog Challenge and will be making a vlog once every two months at least. I may do it more often if they happen to be wildly popular or something weird like that. 😉

So, without more ado…here I am with all my pauses and umms and rambles.

*peers between fingers*

Are you done yet? *exhales* Good. 😉

Oh, and just so you know…this means I also have a YouTube channel now! So you can check it out and even, you know, subscribe if you want right here. I don’t think I’ll be posting too often; just vlogs and book trailers and…who knows? But I also have some writing music playlists and such which you other writers might be interested in.

If you have any questions I didn’t get to, just ask them again. And ask new questions…random and weird ones are welcome. Have fun!

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  1. Congratulations on your first vlog!! This may sound kind of…well…odd, but it was a bit weird to watch this video! We’ve known each other for what, like 4 years I think, and we have emailed, snail-mailed, but to actually hear your voice and see you talking with out it being was a little weird!! I was waiting for you to say something about chocolate when answering the favorite food question! And tortillas. Have you ever tried making them?

    • It is strange seeing people you’ve been friends with but have never met. I’ve done that with skype with some friends.

      Hmm, chocolate. I was thinking about meals, but chocolate could be considered food too… I’ll have to mention that next time if I get a chance. 😀

      Yes, we make our own tortillas. It takes awhile, but the are really good.

  2. I really enjoyed your vlog, Hope! After almost two years of emailing, it was neat to hear your voice. 🙂
    I have two questions:
    1. How often to you get interrupted by siblings?
    2. How do you organize your writing? Do you write in a notebook, use index cards, or use a binder with tabs?

  3. You did it!!!!! YAYYYYY!!!!! Great job! I loved watching this, and your voice–I could listen to you read the phone book. I loved how you would say–“and now I’m just rambling.” So funny! 🙂

    Also, your way of picking character names is so similar to mine it’s almost scary! I somehow know the first letter of the character’s name…then I look at baby names with that letter.

    Thank you so much for doing this! It was so fun!

  4. Cool! This is the first vlog I’ve watched for the Very Awesome Vlog Challenge, but I read Ivy Rose’s post on it. I’ll be waiting for your next one! 😛 I don’t think I have any questions…. 🙁

  5. I finally watched this! I hate being late to the party… *pout*
    Loved the vlog though… and the minute you got done with Tolkien and said ‘But more realistically speaking…’ you got the funniest little grin on your face, and I’m like ‘I know what’s coming next…’ and I was right. XD Only ten days now…
    And believe it or not, that’s the first time anyone has ever referred to me as an author.
    I LIKE IT!!

    Don’t think I didn’t notice your necklace either. 😉

    Weird questions… if you could time-jump to any period of world history, where would you go and why? What function of the human body is most fascinating to you? What ancient civilization do you find the most interesting? What is your most passionate ‘pet’ belief/debate topic? (Even though I, me, and myself all know the answer to that one… we’ll give you a chance to rant on it a little 😉 ).

  6. I don’t know if this question has been asked, but where do you get your inspiration from for your stories? 🙂 Looking forward to the next Vlog! 🙂 Keep up the great…no awesome…no fantastic work. 🙂

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