Music, characters, and feels

I love music. I listen to it as I write. I find songs for characters. I listen to it on the way to work. I find a song I love and listen to it twenty times in the next three days.

I can’t share all of my favorite songs. But here are some of the ‘newer’ ones that I love.

This one is just…gah. It’s amazing.

This one a good friend found. It is so Jethren, my main character in Rebel Heir. Not the video, though that is cool too. But the words are so…Jethren. It makes my cold, dark heart ache.

And this one almost made me cry. I had to watch it again to get the complete story it was telling, though I recognized the verses right away. It’s amazing how much a few minutes of music/visuals can tell.

What are some of your favorite songs or music videos? I’m always looking for more.

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  1. Ha, ha, glad to know I’m not the only person that listens to songs I love over and over and over . . . And that last video, AAH!
    I have a handful of movie soundtracks that I use when I’m writing, as well as Celtic music and epic classical. As for songs that really inspire me to write, Ceasefire by For King and Country . . . okay, anything by For King and Country . . . I’ll probably think of more once I finish the comment. XD

  2. One of my favorite music videos is Tenth Avenue North’s “You Are More.” The video fits the and compliments the song so well. It really adds another dimension to the song.

  3. I love music, as well! It’s so inspiring and fun to listen to. Movie soundtracks often inspire me the most, especially the MCU and LOTR ones. 🙂

  4. Don’t get me started! I have a whole playlist for this (actually three but this one is the main one).
    Also, I shared about my favourite story/character songs too a few months ago (which turned out to be my general favourite songs).

    • Okay, this is out of the blue, but here are my top favourite writing songs.
      -Warrior by Imagine Dragons
      -Tightrope from The Greatest Showman soundtrack
      -Coat of Arms by Jonathan Thulin
      -Fighter by Glee Cast
      -Main on End from Avengers:Endgame soundtrack
      -Stronger from Finding Neverland
      -I Am the Night by Miracle of Sound
      -Believer (Instrumental) by Sybrid
      -Speechless (full) from Aladdin soundtrack (2019)
      -You Say by Lauren Daigle
      -Another in the Fire by Hillsong United
      -Citizen of Heaven by Tauren Wells

  5. Oh boy. I’ve got a lot.
    -Rescue Me & Fade by Eurielle
    -Audiomachine (all of their stuff)
    -Ivan Torrent
    -Max Richter
    -Tori Kelly
    The singers have some good stories to base characters off of.

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