March Highlights: Shadows and Launches

My Life

Not much has been going on this month. By which I mean, nothing much to write under a general ‘life’ entry. I have been busy, but that is under my writing entry below – writing pretty much is my life…

But it is getting warmer and the sun shines more often, so that is something.

Oh, and I went bowling for the first time this month. I enjoyed it very much, even if I’ve hardly any clue what I’m doing. I did win the last game, despite my ignorance, so I was starting to get something right.

This month has been mainly swallowed up in publishing Shadows of the Hersweald and trying to ignore things that will be happening over the next few months (like driving to a destination three hours away on my own this coming Saturday. But I’ll have maps and detailed instructions and a phone, so it should be fine.)


Shadows of the Hersweald

  • Check out my free short story, Mercy of Fate, a prequel to Shadows of the Hersweald. Click HERE to claim your copy!
  • I’m sure you’ve heard about it plenty by now, but Shadows of the Hersweald is published. You can check out my Hansel and Gretel retelling by clicking HERE.

Collage by Corissa


  • Scarlet Rose – correcting/rewriting: 18,741 words/part 2 finished
  • Fidelyon: 30,188 words/12 chapters rewritten
  • Shadows of the Hersweald: Finished
  • Rose of the Night: working on beta reader corrections
  • Rose of the Oath: sent off to beta readers


  • Finish Rose of the Night and send it to an editor
  • Get Rose of the Oath to the final polishing stage
  • Write part 3 of Scarlet Rose
  • Fidelyon… as much as I can get done; another 10-15 chapters

Google Searches:

  • What does death smell like? Why do I even need to know this?
  • Wolf claw scars No, I don’t want makeup stuff to pretend I’ve scars of my own
  • Fooling a polygraph Can I take one and see the results?
  • How quickly does a bruise form? Depends… but it won’t look black and purple five minutes after the blow
  • How far can a wolf hear? Five to ten miles, depending on where they are

Other Writing:


Finally, as some of you know, I’ve been helping with Kingdom Pen for a year or two now. Well, this month I became director of the Kingdom Pen writing team! Or, to be more specific, I am the Kingdom Pen Writing Team Captian… with possession of all the puns related to the term of Captian – from ship talk to Steve Roger.

What are some of your most recent Google searches? How have you been doing? Also… would you all be terribly sorry if I stopped Caption Challenges in a month or two? Feel free to chat below or ask me questions. 🙂

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  1. Like, permanently stop Caption Challenges? I hope not. I think those are fun, even if I don’t participate in all of them.

    I really like that thing you posted about loving it when people decide to punish you by not talking to you. XD

    • Maybe? I’ll be restyling my blog at the end of May and I’m trying to decide how much I want to change and how much (posting wise) I’ll continue.

      • Ah. That makes sense. I really do enjoy your blog. 🙂 My favorite parts are your serial story, your monthly updates, your writing advice, the caption challenges…pretty much all of it! Of course, I completely understand that you’d want to restyle…I know I like to change things up a bit.

  2. What a coincidence — this Saturday, d. v., Olivia and I are also driving for three hours by ourselves to a place we’ve never been before. Maps and instructions, however detailed, are only good as long as the details are right and you pay attention to them — kind of like worldviews.

    I have lots of information about how bruises form — you could have asked me without having to resort to the suspicious Google, which has probably reported you for something or other long ago. Do I want to know why you needed to know what death smells like?

    • Good luck on your drive. We should compare notes afterward and see how it goes. 😉

      Eh, yes… bruising is probably one of the less suspicious things I’ve looked up. I just needed to know if it would start appearing dark only a few minutes after a blow. Apparently not.

      As to the smell of death… can’t that be a completely normal question based on pure curiosity? *blinks innocently*

      • How did Saturday’s drive go? We managed not to get lost or pulled over even once, which is a new record. (The lostness happens more often than the getting pulled over, though.)

        • It went well… it was easier than I thought it would be. The five lane bypass was int resting, but not too hard. The only small jog was when I missed a road on the way home. But I saw it… I was just too late to get into the turn lane, and I was able to turn right around so it wasn’t a problem.

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