Magic in Legends of Light

The most common question I have received in relation to my writing is ‘what sort of magic, if any, do you have in your stories’? It is a valid question, and the views of Christian writers and readers varies widely, from those who love Harry Potter to those who don’t even want to read Lord of the Rings. So, in light of launching Burning Rose tomorrow, I decided to answer it for all of you who may still wonder.

Do I have magic in Legends of Light?

Yes and no.

It really depends on your definition of magic. (You can read my own thoughts on the topic here if you’d like)

magic in Legends of Light

Do I have wrinkled hags chanting spells over pots of green ooze? Not in the least. The word ‘magic’ doesn’t appear in any of the stories. I don’t have chants or spells or dark magic or white magic. In the way I define it, I don’t really have magic at all.

I do have ‘power’ though. And gifts. It is a fantasy world and as such, it is just the ‘way things are’. There are servants of the King, rebelled or otherwise, and they have gifts beyond those of a normal man. The ability to take someone’s voice, for example. Or the Prince’s power that lets a rose guide someone back to its source. There are elements of the world that aren’t normal and can be considered as magic, I suppose. If they took place in this world, they would be. In Aslaria, it is just how the ‘powers that be’ work.

The second aspect that could be considered magical are the natural properties of the world. A mirror dimension, for example, that only one or two people each generation can walk in. Birds that can speak with the fore-mentioned people. A mirror that looks through distance. Stones built into the center of mountains with the ability to hold power. They aren’t normal, it is true. According to some definitions, a crystal-like rock that can hold a storm and release it elsewhere might be considered magic. For me, it is merely how the world works. A different universe; different rules. Simple as that.

So there you have it. Do Legends of Light contain magic? Yes and no. It all depends on your definition of magic, a definition tends to be fairly fluid.

What do you think about magic in stories? How do you define magic?

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  1. Erudessa Aranduriel

    It’s more supernatural powers then ‘magic’.

  2. Great post, Hope! I’m kind of in a similar spot, as my MC in my current novel, Firemaster,(and several other characters) has special abilities that could be considered magic in this universe, but in my world, they’re not. In fact, I’m kind of having trouble portraying it, since my MC doesn’t actually discover he has these abilities till later in the book….so I’m trying to figure out how to get him to discover he has them. I thought about making him really, really angry…but then I need a reason for him to be angry….*sigh*
    It’s a good thing he’s got a really infuriating half-brother. *grins*
    Anyway, keep up the great work! I always look forward to your posts. 🙂

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