Living for More

As hard as it is for my focused, goal-oriented mind to sometimes comprehend, life is about more than writing.

It’s even about more than marketing, or readers, or that next book I finish reading myself.

Incidentally, reworking my life to reflect what I knew about there being ‘more’ started with reading a book. It’s a really good book about principles and life and all—The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People. I highly recommend it.

living for moreAnyway, I finally figured out a very obvious fact that I’d been ignoring for far too long.

I would write a list of things to get done each week. Then I’d spend the first three days of the week doing nothing but that list and finishing it. For the rest of the week, I tended to waste time when I was supposed to be doing extra writing. And I was still focusing on work, writing, marketing…

Goals, basically.

It wasn’t working.

So I sat down and changed my life.

Well… I changed my schedule using three steps.

Firstly I figured out my roles. They tend to stay the same, week to week, though I review them each time. They include things such as me as a sister, a daughter, a writer, a marketer, a mentor.

Secondly, I figured out the major important goals in each of these categories. I’d quickly realized that, in my normal list, I only had things. My list had focused on the goals I needed to do, like write a newsletter or a blog post or correct a novella.

Writing down weekly goals for all the roles meant I added in important things that covered all areas of life. Things like spending quality time with siblings or sending a random surprise to a friend.

I know, I know. Most of my feeler friends are horrified at the thought of having to add people to a list. But it helps keep my mind on what is important and what I need to do, so I do it.

Thirdly, after creating the goals for the week, I sat down with my work schedule and a weekly planner, then outlined everything I need to do each day that week.

There were two results.

Firstly, I stopped stressing, trying to do half a weeks work of stuff in one day.

Secondly, while I had a reasonable amount of work, it was… reasonable. I knew what I needed to do and I had extra time to relax and play with the kids, even on the days that I didn’t have ‘sibling check-inµ’ reminders.

It’s been working like a dream.

Of course, there are busy days. Or sometimes I don’t get everything done. But when that happens I can shift it to a new day based on what I have to do on those other days.

Because yes, work needs to be done in life. But life is about more. And when it’s crammed full of things, then one is just working and not really living and it ends up a bit sad.

Next up in my life… figure out good eating and exercise habits. Wish me the best of luck, because this is going to be much harder than simply scheduling out my life. XD

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  1. You make great points, and learning this early in life will lead to good relationships with everyone who is a part of our lives. Jesus said “love one another as I have loved you”. Being intentional in relationships is always a winner. Again great share…..

  2. I struggle with the same thing! Thanks for the tips. 🙂

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