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Kirin (source)

Greetings, fellow Legends Seekers! Are you ready to journey from one fantasy realm after another with the famed realm leapers , Kirin and Elena? These two have thrown themselves into deep fantasy cover, researching legends and tales, and lands other leapers don’t dare travel.

Native to Cember Earth, Kirin is first and foremost a Stealthmaster; something he puts to good use in his reporting assignments from the New Fantasy Times where he researches the truth behind old legends and hero myths, from magical swords to fire-breathing dragons. His preferred weapons are the quill and the dagger, though he’s passable with the sword. Just don’t give him a bow; the last time he handled one, war almost broke out between Calantha and Elentisa.


Elena (source)

Elena, on the other hand, is from Aslaria and has a sharp eye and a steady hand. But she much prefers dusty scrolls to books and spends most of her times down in dim archives, digging out undiscovered tomes and fragmented parchments.

You can read their New Fantasy Times Reports, or even the occasional accounts of their adventures. We bid you a hearty welcome and hope you enjoy your stay.

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