June Monthly Challenge

First the winner of last month’s challenge!

fantasy prompt3

And the winner is Esther!

In my country, the crown can only be won through victory in battle.
Since the days when Athelwyn Firstking slew the great Ebenwyrm, the heirs of his bloodline have fought a dragon to claim his throne and crown.
That is, until my own father was slain in combat with the dragon. Then the Council of Three took the scepter of Athelwyn away from my family, claiming that my father’s blood had polluted our line. Had made us weak, and unfit to rule. Not that they ever fought any dragons.
But I know the truth. I know the truth that my father taught me—that not all the dragons are evil, but that the council controls them through the mystic power of the Aegstan.
And I know the truth my mother taught me—that my father would not have died if the Council of Three had not poisoned him.
And so I fought the dragon who the council set before me, throwing their lies of weakness into the rubbish heap. And I split into pieces the aegstycce which controlled it, releasing its mind from the Council’s will, and it realized we were allies against the Council’s tyranny.
And so with my new ally at my back, I take Athelwyn’s crown in victory.
And the Council can do naught but watch.

Now for June’s prompt.

fantasy prompt

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You have 100-250 words to write a short story/scene that goes with this picture. You have until June 30th to submit your scene in the comments below. I’ll announce the winner in July.  Anyone can enter, but keep your entries clean. No swearing, no gore or sensuality. Have fun!

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  1. First time participating in a prompt on this site! Here’s my scene – just under 250 words. 🙂

    It is the place that should not exist, where strands of the universe bubble up and intertwine. Where time seems to rush forward with the wind, to shudder and bend backwards, and to stop altogether, all at once. Where whole worlds seem barely taller than the girl climbing the Stairs.
    The Stairs are said to lead to a place between worlds, between time. There are glitches in gravity, fissures in time, loopholes in reality. Some men waste their lives away searching for the entrance to the Stairs, hoping to slip back to a happier time, or to escape into the stars, or to find some sort of power.
    The girl found the Stairs by accident.
    She reaches up into the sky, past the frothy clouds, into the emptiness of space. Something small and cold brushes her fingertips, and she plucks it from the sky to look. A star. As tiny as the diamond in her mother’s ring, but brighter than the sun.
    But as beautiful as the stars are… it is lonely up here.
    She looks down at the earth below. Where, somewhere, her mother lays the table for supper. Where her brothers chase each other, laughing, along the dusty streets.
    Steps knit beneath her feet as she descends. Above, fragments of stone and leaves and worlds unravel and fray, spinning out into the heavens, until the sky smooths into clouds.
    At home, the girl puts the star over her mantel, and it twinkles like a thousand jewels.

  2. The change came over the tower without warning, like a physical tremor. Chiel stumbled, more out of shock than anything else. The tower never moved; never changed. He righted himself, and then his stomach dropped like a cold, burning stone.
    No. He whirled and bounded up the stair behind him. It couldn’t be. All those absurd monster stories were started to affect him—stories he knew were impossible. Jaakudo had been dead since the Overthrow, though some said that the place was instead inhabited by ghosts, phantoms of the long-dead Jaai, angry for blood after their extermination. Chiel didn’t really believe the stories. They just made it hard to sleep sometimes , not knowing what lurked below him.
    Chiel bounded up the steps as they turned up towards the center of the tower. Nothing was supposed to happen on these towers. Just needless relics, silently standing watch over the wreck of the old galaxy, before the Emperor…
    He passed under the single archway, where the designation number—20—was stamped, to the open heart of the tower. There was little but open sky around him, only mist, floating remnants of rock from long-destroyed moons and planet debris…and the fog-streaked planet surface below. The tower an infinitesimal, frail cog in the middle of it all.
    Chiel slowed, suddenly afraid to see it, but he had to. He stepped up to the small pillar and looked down.
    The life-detecting crystal shone brilliant green.
    Somewhere below, there was life again on Jaakudo.

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