June Highlights: Trains, Kingdom Pen, and Snow White

My Life

I’d been hoping June would be a ‘get back into a regular routine’ month. *insane laugh* Yeah. Like that happened. I have been getting some writing done. About half the amount I’d like to be doing, but still… It’s not like I’ve not done anything else.

For example, there was that overnight train trip to Pittsburgh.

That was quite the experience. I did manage to get a few hours of sleep… I think. And I walked through the train several times, ending up in the observation car (with glass windows for walls) and writing poems at 3:30 a.m.

The reason I was in Pittsburgh? A Kingdom Pen staff retreat! I’ve told you all about Kingdom Pen before. It’s an organization for young Christian writers and is a great place. It was wonderful to be able to meet and spend several days, in person, with most of the Kingdom Pen staff. Besides planning out goals for the next year, we also went to a Breakout Room (where we got out of with one minute and fifty seconds to spare), toured parts of Pittsburgh, played games, and generally had a great time.

That took up four days early in the month and effectively sapped my strength for a week. Then there was a zoo trip one weekend and a trip to Iowa as I speak. Basically, lots of things going on. Not that I’m complaining but… I’m realizing how much I really like my normal schedule. XD


Waiting for the train. You can see its light over my shoulder.


We went to an Escape Room! And made it out with a minute and fifty seconds to spare. That was quite a thrilling experience.


Touring Pittsburgh one evening. In which I stare dramatically off into the distance because I could think of nothing else when told to ‘do something’.

My Writing


  • Scarlet Rose: Ummm… three or four chapters? Like I said, I’ve got half the writing done I’d like to do.
  • Fidelyon: 18,764 words/5 chapters rewritten – again, not as much as I’d like. It’s coming, though.
  • Rose of the Oath: PUBLISHED! Get it for free here!


  • Outline and start a Snow White retelling for the Rooglewood contest
  • Finish Scarlet Rose
  • Fidelyon… as much as I can get done; maybe 10 chapters?
  • Write 35,000 words for Camp NaNo.

Google Searches:

  • How long does it take to burn through half inch rope? apparently, there is some riddle involving burning rope. That isn’t quite what I was talking about, Google.
  • What does burning flesh smell like? apparently, you can’t forget it. Ok… I’ll leave it at that for now, I suppose.
  • How long does it take to strangle someone? 7-14 to around 30 seconds to pass out. Several minutes to actually kill someone.
  • how long will someone be unconscious from a choke hold? See, I’m not planning on actually strangling them.
  • Third-degree burn scars on hands cause reasons
  • Second-degree burns because I’m not completely heartless. Besides, third-degree burns take too long to heal and cause too much damage than I need. At this point.

Other Writing:



Yep. Pretty much. XD

How have you all been doing this month? Any great plans or fun reads or crazy searches? Are any of you taking part in Camp NaNo?

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  1. Probably tops on my list of searches is ‘psychological interrogation techniques’.
    And if that doesn’t sum me up as a writer in three words, I don’t know what does. XD

    Good luck with the Rooglewood contest. *grins* Hope you win.

  2. I really love the commentary you put by your Google Searches. XD And also when you answer the questions. I see those and I’m like, “Oh, so THAT’s the answer… I’ve always wondered that.” Or, “What an interesting question. Good thing she put an answer by it, otherwise I’d have to look it up myself!” XD

    And the Escape Room… That would be so fun!

    Many of my searches have been about the actual point of Snow White so I can write a better retelling. Yes, I’m hoping to enter the Rooglewood contest, but good grief! One of my main characters has not been very cooperative in letting me in on what her goal is. *smacks face into keyboard* Hope your characters are behaving better than mine! Good luck, and I hope you’re one of the winners. 🙂

    • Google searched and sarcastic replies are my favorite part of the monthly highlights. 😉

      Uggg… I have the goal of my main character, but not of my villains. *shakes head* I need to know why they want what they want before I move on to how they go about getting it (or trying).

      • Lol. I can totally see why! XD

        Ah, yeah. That makes sense. I had (and still sorta do have) problems with my villain’s goal and motivation in one of my other works in progress. Hopefully your villain starts cooperating soon… Five months can pass pretty fast. No pressure though, right? 😉

  3. I’m doing camp NaNo this month too, and writing a snow white story, it is interesting because I always disliked the story, but I’m quite excited about my retelling!

  4. I loved your picture of you staring off into the distance–you look so epic! XD

    And I know what you mean about beginnings of months. I’m always so optimistic about *finally* getting into a groove with my writing and my life in general. Never fails–something ALWAYS happens to completely derail that.

  5. Wow, what a busy and exciting month! I love the “do something” picture– its hilarious seeing what everyone’s version of “something” is. 😉 Congratulations on getting out of the Escape Room!

    Your Google searches sound like you’ve been torturing people. Oh wait, you’re an author. You do torture people! ;D

    • Yep. My default ‘something’ is staring into the distance. XD

      As for torture… I can neither confirm nor deny. 😉

  6. Wow sounds like a fun month! That Escape Room sounds extra fun! Glad to see your writing is coming along well (even if it isn’t as much as you want it). Question though. With those Google Searches aren’t you afraid of getting red tagged?

    • Eh, not really. I am somewhat careful about what I look up. Homemade bombs, for example. I’d love to know the details but I’m not going to use Google to try and search something like that. If I ever really need to know the details, I’ll find a book. And, for every question I ask, it’s amazing to see how many writers have asked the same question on a number of other forums. I’m not the only one out there. XD

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