July’s Monthly Challenge

First the winner of last month’s challenge!

fantasy prompt

And the winner is…


R.! *frowns* That’s not your proper name, I know, but still… Congratulations! XD

The change came over the tower without warning, like a physical tremor.  Chiel stumbled, more out of shock than anything else.  The tower never moved; never changed.  He righted himself, and then his stomach dropped like a cold, burning stone.
No.  He whirled and bounded up the stair behind him.  It couldn’t be.  All those absurd monster stories were started to affect him—stories he knew were impossible.  Jaakudo had been dead since the Overthrow, though some said that the place was instead inhabited by ghosts, phantoms of the long-dead Jaai, angry for blood after their extermination.  Chiel didn’t really believe the stories.  They just made it hard to sleep sometimes , not knowing what lurked below him.
Chiel bounded up the steps as they turned up towards the center of the tower.  Nothing was supposed to happen on these towers.  Just needless relics, silently standing watch over the wreck of the old galaxy, before the Emperor…
He passed under the single archway, where the designation number—20—was stamped, to the open heart of the tower.  There was little but open sky around him, only mist, floating remnants of rock from long-destroyed moons and planet debris…and the fog-streaked planet surface below.  The tower an infinitesimal, frail cog in the middle of it all.
Chiel slowed, suddenly afraid to see it, but he had to.  He stepped up to the small pillar and looked down.
The life-detecting crystal shone brilliant green.
Somewhere below, there was life again on Jaakudo.

Now for July’s prompt:


July writing prompt

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You have 100-250 words to write a short story/scene that goes with this picture. You have until July 28th to submit your scene in the comments below. I’ll announce the winner in July. Anyone can enter, but keep your entries clean. No swearing, no gore or sensuality. Have fun and go forth to write!

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  1. Ooh this is a cool idea. *hopefully shall remember to come back to this*

  2. You want to know what’s inside this book? The curiosity is eating away at you, isn’t it. I can see it in your eyes, the way they water. I can smell it on your skin. I can hear it in your heart, the thudding against your ribs as you contemplate all the possibilities.

    Your possibilities are frail. Fragile. Pathetic when compared to the truth. You cannot comprehend it. But oh, you try. Desperation does not suit you, my dear. Put it away and come a little closer. Come here, sit at my side, and I will show you wonders beyond all imaginings. Words are mere ink stains on an ordinary page. They are meaningless in comparison. These are not mere ink stains.

    Come and learn the truth. But be warned, you will not be the same as you were before. The truth will twist you. Shape you. And you will not recognize yourself when we part. Who you become is up to you. How you are changed depends upon the words not written upon these pages, but upon your very heart and soul.

    Are you afraid? Liar. I see you trembling. Listen… Your breath comes so quickly now. False bravado cannot serve you here. Do not try to hide your fear. Let it breed inside you if you must. Turn and run. Or face the agony of your shortcomings, do battle against them, and sit by my side.

    Are you ready now?

    Come then. Open the eyes of your soul. Read.

  3. I don’t know if you can submit poems for these contests, but I looked at this picture and it screamed “POEM” at me, so… here it is!

    Come, dear heart, and listen to me
    More things exist than what you see.
    Beyond the mortal senses weak
    These things exist, and live, and speak
    There are more things in heav’n and hell
    Than your frail mortal mind can tell.
    These things, they dwell in humble homes
    Within the pages of the tomes,
    Between the covers of a book.
    Listen, dear heart, and take a look.
    For here there lies a secret fair
    One you must guard with utmost care.
    For here there dwells a hidden gate
    To worlds afar and glorious fate.
    I hear you laugh! Dear heart, don’t scorn.
    You think this world, weary, worn
    Alone exists beneath God’s hand?
    Nay! This is not the only land.
    And in this room their gateways dwell
    To lands most fair and lands most fell.
    Yet still, doubt in your heart I see.
    Then come, dear heart, if you would be
    Free to walk in the lands afar
    And stare at diff’rent, distant stars.
    If you would give me now your hand,
    We’ll travel to another land.
    Come, dear heart, and follow me there
    Through the book to the lands elsewhere.

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