July Highlights: Camp NaNo, WIP Collages, and Caves

My Life

Lots of traveling, this month. I think I’ve traveled more this spring and summer than I have the last few years put together. There was a wedding in April, a Creation Conference in May, the Kingdom Pen retreat in June… At the end of June, I went with Dad and the three little ones to Iowa to visit grandparents. It was a glorified babysitting trip on my side of things, but I was able to make a number of collages and got a little writing done.

Writing on my Computer

Trying to write while watching the kids play. A computer screen and a sunny day do not get a long well.

A few of my favorite collages:

Ethaniel collage

Ethaniel, the main character in Fidelyon

Scarlet Rose collage

A Scarlet Rose collage

Jasper collage

And another Scarlet Rose collage, this one of Jasper, one of my villain/antihero characters

And then, just yesterday, I was able to visit my great friend, Kate and explore some of the caves in the Hocking Hills. We brought my bow and some cloaks along and got pictures before it got busy, then explored and brainstormed story ideas and generally had fun.

My Writing


I got writing done this month!!! *dances happily* I need to make up my own Camp NaNo every month.

  • Scarlet Rose: Eh… five chapters. Ish? Around 5600 words. Not terribly much, mainly because I’ve been busy with Fidelyon.
  • Fidelyon: Part 3 is finished! It was at 139,000 words with a whole final part to write, when I wanted the max word count to be 140,000. Not happening. But I did get 9 chapter written, for a total of 40,482 words.
  • I won camp NaNo! I dropped my original goal to 32,000 words, but I ended up getting past 35,000 all the same.
  • Outlined my Snow White story… mostly. 😉
  • I also discovered Scrivener! It is much fun. More on that another time, but I am loving it.


  • Write the Snow White retelling for the Rooglewood contest
  • Finish Scarlet Rose
  • Fidelyon… as much as I can get done; maybe 10 chapters? Maybe finish it?
  • Get the cover and proofs and everything else ready for Blackened Rose, may paperback collection of the first three Legends of Light novellas.

Google Searches:

  • Psychological interrogation Cause reasons. Good cop/bad cop. Fun stuff.
  • Psychological torture Cause more reasons. I’m so using white torture one of these days – basically sensory deprivation. Nothing to see, nothing to hear… *apologizes to characters in advance*
  • How does one use sand when writing with a quill? Simple. sprinkle it on top, shake it off. It gets messy.
  • Farther or further Because I trust my editors but I trust myself more. ‘The quick and dirty tip is to use “farther” for physical distance and “further” for metaphorical, or figurative, distance. It’s easy to remember because “farther” has the word “far” in it, and “far” obviously relates to physical distance.’ Nice. That works.
  • How long is a furlong? 220 yards. Perfect. Thank you, Google.


When talking with my friends…


Not sure how I became the one with memes in my circle of friends… I guess it has something to do with my enjoyment of making people laugh and seeing what makes them laugh.

Let’s chat! What have you been up to this summer? Have you ever visited any caves? Did you do Camp NaNo? What was your final word count?

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  1. *gulps* I’m pretty sure I was to blame for some of those other google searches… *hides under the table*
    And I know I said this, but I love, love LOVE all those collages, Jasper’s especially. *hugs them all*

  2. That Ethaniel collage. D: *hugs him tight* Nooo.

    SCRIVENER IS THE BESTEST. *shrieks* Yay that you found it!! I absolutely love it, and it makes formatting so easy, because you can just put in the settings, click compile and it does it all. It just so amazing.

    • Ethaniel, yessssss! XD I’m going through the third plot point with him now so… yes. Fun stuff.

      I’ve not messed around with the formatting aspect yet, though I should sometime. There’s just so much there…

  3. *stares in awe* Wow…….you got so much more writing done than me………. Unless my new job counts! This summer I’ve been pretty busy. I was able to get a job at our local paper as a stringer. It’s a good job, and I get to write! I am looking forward to the challenge each week. I have visited several caves. None this summer though *gazes enviously at pictures* My word count last month was around 3,000. I never have been one to go for NaNoWriMo. I always try, but I rarely get above 20,000. Glad I’m hear your summer is going well!

    • I was pretty pleased with my writing this month. It has been my main focus (I’ve been sadly neglecting other things, like reading). Coming up on the climax is helping to because I want to keep writing and get to scenes I planned months ago.

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