January Prompt Challenge

Yes, I know, it isn’t a collage. Another writer contacted me through my blog about starting a longer challenge, and I’d been thinking about it too, so we’ll see how it goes. Basically, for the first challenge of each month, I’m going to post a picture prompt and you have 100-250 words to write a short story/scene that goes with it. You have until January 27th to submit your scene in the comments below. I’ll announce the winner in February.  Anyone can enter, but keep your entries clean. No swearing, no gore or sensuality.

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  1. Sounds like fun!! This photo actually reminds me of my NaNoWriMo project! 😉

  2. Ooh, Fun! I’ll have to see about trying this one out! And I need to try out the caption and short story challenges one of these days… 🙂

  3. Unfortunately, I won’t be participating this month, due to a busy schedule. Good luck to everyone else!

  4. Ooh this sounds like a lot of fun. I’ll definitely try this! 😀

  5. “What’s going to happen? I’ve got through today, but what about tomorrow? What if they find me here?”
    I crouch on the edge of our roof, trying to see through the sheets of frozen tears that fall.
    That’s what Momma had always called the sleet.
    Even when she’d died.
    It had poured for days after the accident. She had looked out the window and smiled dimly.
    “Look Joel. They’re crying up there, for you. Because you won’t have anyone.” And she’d tried to stroke my cheek, but she was too weak, and she’d breathed a long, quivering breath, the last one she ever took.
    “You won’t have anyone.”
    I tug the hood of my jacket up over my head, shielding my eyes from the cold, pelting drops.
    Her last words have echoed in my mind for days. I’ve managed to find food, to avoid the police, to stay in our house, like I’d promised Dad. But I can’t manage to shake those four words.
    I know they’re not true. I have God. He’s always there. But sitting up here in the rain, missing both my parents, not knowing what would happen to me, it’s so hard to believe that.

  6. I went for less of an epic story this time, figured I’d go for a change.

  7. I wasn’t crazy.
    He had been there. I had seen him.
    They had warned people against the Shadow Twisters – saying they had come again. Saying to watch our backs.
    But when I saw him, they wouldn’t believe me.
    Go home, little girl. That’s all they had to tell me. It’s too late for you to be out and about, anyways.
    But I had seen him, I knew it. Black clothes, glints into his eyes, cruel smile.
    And barely a whisper of a sound as he faded into blackness and disappeared with a sound.
    I wasn’t crazy.
    But very soon I might be dead.

  8. I know I’m too late for the caption challenge. I see above that the Six-Word-Story winner was, “What’s a soldier without a purpose?” I would tentatively submit that “purpose” be changed to “war”. Or, changing the story altogether, “sovereign.” That’s both alliterative and true.

    Not to bother the writer of the six-word-story, but I thought they might be interesting changes.

  9. Corissa Maiden of Praise

    “You forgot your gloves.”
    I glanced at my hands as frustration swept through my body. Of all the things to forget… it wouldn’t have been so bad if it hadn’t started to rain.
    I sighed as the torrent increased. It seemed even the heavens were mourning for me today.
    “They’re not mourning for you, idiot. They’re mourning for him.”
    I wanted to scowl at the voice inside my head, to argue with him, but all that came out was a sigh. He was right, and I was too overwhelmed to fight a losing battle just now.
    I reached inside my coat to insure that the gun was staying dry. My stomach churned as my fingers grasped the cold metal barrel.
    My whole body tensed, and I glared fiercely at the street below. It wasn’t as if this was my first assassination; why was it so hard?
    “Because this time he’s your friend.”
    I swallowed the catch in my throat and tried to ignore the voice.
    “Because this time…”
    I tried to tune out, but I knew what was coming next and couldn’t stop the thought.
    “He’s your brother.”

    • Corissa Maiden of Praise

      Italics would have been better for the inner voice, but they didn’t come through when I copied it over, so I added quotation marks. Thanks for the challenge! This was fun! 🙂

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