I’m giving away a dagger…

Yep, I’ve two posts for you this week. This one will be fast.

I’m giving away a pair of fantasy daggers. And an autographed copy of Burning Rose.

Cool, no?

What’s the event? Well, I’m launching The Stealthmaster’s Shadow in a few weeks, so that’s part of it. And cause I want to.

Hope Ann Giveaway

The best part? This giveaway is semi-international. It is open to most countries except those in the European Union cause of weird email laws. For nations outside the USA, however there is one exception. If you live overseas and win, I’ll send you the daggers – they are small after all, and won’t cost half my soul to mail. But I’ll give you an ebook version of Burning Rose instead of a paperback. Unless you live in Australia or New Zealand. Because I have a book dealer over there. 😉

You can also bribe or force friends to enter and get more of a chance to win that way.

Enter the giveaway!!!

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  1. I saw “I’m giving away a dagger” and I was like “Storms, yes. Tell me what I need to do.” And an actual autographed paperback is just icing on the cake. 😀

  2. Well this is about the coolest giveaway. *flailing*

  3. FANTASY KNIVES *spazz out*

  4. Elizabeth Johnson

    It is not letting me enter. It keeps saying google captcha failed to verify.

    • Eh… yeah. I’m having trouble with that. I’m able to get it to work on the Google Chrome browser if I refresh it enough. 😛 Anyway, I signed you up manually (assuming the email you used to comment was your email…

  5. Wow!! This giveaway is the best! I tried to enter though and it wouldn’t let me. It kept saying “google captcha failed to verify” for me as well. Could you also manually sign me up please?

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