I Need Your Voice

No, I’m not going to steal your voice and lock it inside a shell or any such. I do need your vote though. See, in honor of the upcoming launch of The Stealthmaster’s Shadow, I’m running a collage contest.

All you need to do is enjoy the pretty pictures then vote in the Google form.



By Nina Willoughby




by Charis Rae #1




Charis Rae #2




by Sophia Carroll



The Stealthmaster's Shadow Collage(1)

by Esther Noe


Well, what do you think? The winner will recieve a free ebook copy of The Stealthmaster’s Shadow so make sure you say something!

Voting will last until noon on Friday, May 25th. Vote for your favorite collage here!

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  1. I can only vote for one?! Choices. I can’t choices. XD

  2. Voted! 😀 These are super awesome!

  3. Voted . . . but that was a terribly hard choice. They’re all so cool!

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