I have power now *cue evil laugh*

I’ve always been one for organizing and telling people what to do.

An INTJ who likes ordering others around. Who would have thought?

So I decided to get a job where I could tell people what to do. Something like… becoming a manager at Culvers. It was kinda an accident. I didn’t start planning to become a manager. It just kinda happened. But I got my white shirt and official title last week!


I’m really not as tiny as I look in that picture. I don’t think… it’s just angle and distance and such. Though my brother is taller than me.


My Writing


  • Finished line edits on The Stealthmaster’s Shadow
  • Wrote up one of my favorite legends in Marsadon – somewhere around 9,500 words
  • Got a lot of planning and backstory done on Disguised for Peace
  • Also, I was published on The Rebelution this month! Check out my article here: Don’t Settle For Good Enough

Goals for May:

  • Get everything ready to publish The Stealthmaster’s Shadow
  • Start Disguised for Peace
  • Write up a number of articles for the upcoming Indy e-con

Google Searches:

  • How long will tears stay in the eyes of a corpse don’t judge. Also, I still don’t know, but apparently there’s a thing called Lacrima Mortis that occasionally happens where a final tear slips from someone’s eye as they die. It may find it’s way into a book at some point
  • Root of English language West Germanic originating from Anglo-Frisian dialects brought to Britain in the mid 5th to 7th centuries AD – not sure what I’m doing with this info
  • Alphabet systems I have at least three languages I need to create to some degree. I need to base them off something…
  • Can you marry your third cousin? Hey, royal family trees are complicated. And yes. At least according to some studies, it’s actually beneficial because it’s far enough apart they don’t have genetic problems but close enough there aren’t genetic incompatibilities. *adds to strange random facts I know because I’m a writer*
  • how long does a scar take to form? Three to four weeks – it won’t fade to white for up to a year or two. Hmm; I guess Jethren will have a red one across his face then

Disguised for Peace Collages

Well, just one for today. But I love making these.

Acedren and Jethren

How about all of you? How have you been this fine spring month that keeps insisting it is still winter?

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  1. Congrats on becoming a manager and on getting published on the Rebelution! What’s the legend you wrote about?

  2. Erudessa Aranduriel

    Congratulations on your position of power!! 😉

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