About Me

Hope Ann likes to think herself a dragon-riding, griffin-taming founder of worlds and explorer of legends. In reality, she’s the oldest sister of eight siblings—the younger ranks of whom expect her to entertain them when they are bored. Which happens every fifteen minutes.

Alongside the interruptions of home life and her work as a manager at Culver’s, she writes a wide range of fantasy. Fueled by experience, relationships, and constant learning, she works to provide an escape from the grind of normal life through fiction and the sarcastic, no-nonsense inspirational posts on her blog.

Day to day life involves staying up too late, reading, researching stab wounds, and struggling to remember the difference between ‘effect’ and ‘affect’. She is the self-published author of over eight fantasy novellas, a writing coach, and the newsletter manager for Story Embers.

With a passion to suit her name, she is a firm believer in the truth that hope outlives any shadow. She believes everyone is meant for more than the weary humdrum of day to day living. And she encapsulates it all in a phrase she spent far too long coming up with: Victory in the march. Hope in the destination.

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