About Me

So… who am I?

First, the official version.

Hope Ann is a speculative fiction writer who lives on a small farm in northern Indiana. She has self-published three Legends of Light novellas and writes regular articles for Kingdom Pen as the Writing Team Captain. Reading since the age of five, and introducing herself to writing at age eight, she never had a question that the author’s life was the life for her. Her goal is to write thrilling Christian fantasy and futuristic fiction — stories she longed for while growing up. After graduating from homeschool, Hope now teaches writing to several of her eight younger siblings. She loves climbing trees, archery, photography, Lord of the Rings, chocolate, and collecting shiny things she claims are useful for story inspiration.

Now for the fun stuff:

  • I am a Christian. And a creationist.
  • Just call me Hope. Please. I mean, you can call me Miss Ann, but can we all agree that sounds just a little strange?
  • I LOVE Lord of the Rings and about anything Tolkien related. Yes, I enjoy the movies. Even the hobbit movies. And I don’t hate Tauriel. But the books ARE better. Fight me if you dare.
  • I am an INTJ, which means I act heartless and won’t reveal my deepest emotions except on rare occasions. It also means that I plan Also, I am going to take over the world. Someday.
  • I love Dark chocolate. Milk chocolate. But no coconut, please.
  • I hate coffee. Well, that is a half-truth. I like some of the cold stuff, but not the hot bitter bean water that has so many other writers obsessed. Hot chocolate is my drink of choice. And plain water.
  • I also write. Didn’t see that one coming, did you? My favorite genre to write is fantasy, followed closely by futuristic fiction.
  • I was homeschooled and now help teach younger siblings.
  • I have eight of these younger siblings. They are my excuse to wear headphones and listen to music while I write. Otherwise, I’d not be able to focus.
  • My ‘to be read’ list is slowly smothering me to death. I own over 400 books. Half of them are stacked in every possible way on my bookshelf while the others are stored in boxes under my bed. I’ve read some. Others are begging me to pick them up. And then there are library and kindle books…
  • I also love history. The Greek and Roman periods are my favorites, along with WWII, spies, secret agents… I’ve read books on things as random as sleep to chocolate to how the brain works. Fascinating stuff. A pity I can’t remember it all.
  • I am a dragon in disguise. I collect shiny trinkets of all kinds, ostensibly for writing inspiration, but really because, well… do I need a good reason? Like I said, I’m a dragon.
  • I also collect pens, notebooks, writing prompts, pictures, daggers, quotes from my siblings, and the wills of my enemies.
  • I love most of the Avenger movies. Yes, I am on Team Cap.

And… there you have it. That is me. Or part of me. A small part. After all, if I wanted to reveal everything, I’d probably have to write a book…