Fidelyon: ‘Q’ and ‘R’ with Ethaniel

Ethaniel, the main character in my novel, Fidelyon, has taken it upon himself to introduce you to his world by going through an alphabet of terms and names.

‘Q’ with Ethaniel:

Quotes, of course! At least I’m told that is what they are called. Just random things people have said…

Things like my friend, Drexin’s, reaction whenever my lack of status as an orphan comes up.

“You do realize how much easier Yathome is on the ears,” Drexin said. “No one would care if you took off into the heart of Erathrane or Solbane and found all kinds of adventures. I’m just saying you ought to look at the bright side. Like not having to memorize generations of names and deeds.”

Or Keros’s reaction to me running quicker than normal.

“What was that back there?” Keros flung damp black hair from his eyes. “The wolves of Voland at your heels, or was it Shaquille’s wraith?”

And, of course, Bryce’s reaction when it seems I’ll be doing anything remotely exciting:

“I’ll run it.” Bryce shoved himself from the wall and took an unsteady step. His blue eyes glittered like broken glass as they remained fastened on Ethaniel’s “For the king and urgent… and you’re going to trust it in a Code Five to a Yathome?”

‘R’ with Ethaniel:

Racing! Not that I take much part in it. We’ve enough running to do as it is—I’d much rather spend a few hours, searching out herbs in the woods, instead of running league after league just because.

Others enjoy it, though. Keros is currently practicing for the yearly race this autumn. The equivalent of a Code Five, it spans six leagues and is run by messengers from both internal and border lines. If nothing else, it’s a fun time to meet friends who have been transferred, relax, and enjoy a feast while temporary replacements man the lines.

I’m quite happy to be a spectator of the sports themselves, whatever Drexin and Keros might urge. Unless it is a chance at a sword match against Bryce. That I would leap at eagerly but, so far, the contests are limited to speed and agility.

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  1. *devours this* Yeep this was super cool. *bounces* I can’t wait to start reading. <33

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