Fidelyon: ‘H’ With Ethaniel

Ethaniel, the main character in my novel, Fidelyon, has taken it upon himself to introduce you to his world by going through an alphabet of terms and names.


I have two friends whose names start with H.

The first is more of an acquaintance since I’ve yet to get to know him better…something I do hope to do one of these days. His name is Haytham and he is one of Elentisa’s oldest councilmen. Don’t for a moment think that ‘oldest’ signifies decrepit in any way. His grip still makes my arm hurt and he claims to be as strong in battle as any younger man. Do I believe him? Yes, I do.

The name of my other friend is Hilith. Originally a guard in the king’s castle, he was one of the first men Ard recruited while assembling a new Kingsguard. Of course, Hilith grumbles about the hours he’s made to stand in the cold or the late nights on guard, but he enjoys the position and always has a ready quip and flashing smile for every occasion.


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Posted by Hope Ann


Corissa, Maiden of Praise

Haytham sounds cool. Like someone I’d want to stand beside me in battle. 🙂
Hilith… in your brief description he reminds me of David. 😉

What…David at church? *raises eyebrows* No. Just… He’s really not like that at all. Not playful enough.

Corissa, Maiden of Praise

Yes, that David. I’m just saying… in the brief description, everything sounds like David. Think about it. 😉

Yes…I guess it does. 😉

Fereleth, Carrier of Light

Whoa, I saw that picture of Haythem and just about flipped because that actor will forever be ‘Mr. Tulkinghorn’ to me… *hopes you’ve seen Bleak House*

Yes, I have. Every time I see that actor I think ‘Mr. Tulkinghorn’ even though I’ve seen him in a number of things now.

Fereleth, Carrier of Light

He just played that part SO. WELL.


That guy you have for Haythem reminds me of the guy who played Chancellor Valorum in Star Wars Ep. I


Did Hilith have much of a part in the earlier versions? I don’t remember him. . . maybe it’s just been too long. He sounds like a nice typical sidekick, with the humour and all, nothing ambiguous and/or scary the way *some people* turn out.

No, his part has grown with each draft. Even now he’s not a huge character, but he is much bigger than he was originally.

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