Fidelyon: ‘E’ with Ethaniel

Ethaniel, the main character in my novel, Fidelyon, has taken it upon himself to introduce you to his world by going through an alphabet of terms and names.

So, I didn’t want to do this…there are plenty of things in this world which begin with ‘E’, like my home country of Elentisa, divided as it is into twelve provinces, or Erathrane Forest, with its dark legends of an Archeress who guards its depth’s with a silver bow, but no… *sighs* Hope says I should talk about myself, Ethaniel.

So here I am. *bows*

How they get these…photos, they call them, I’m not sure. But I guess it’s a good enough likeness if my friends are to be believed.

Don’t ask about the clothes in these pictures. They are…I’ve never seen them before.

And that…that is a picture that is not only colored but it moving. Hope says you like that sort of thing.

What, pictures aren’t enough? I’m supposed to talk about myself?

If you insist.

My home is Outpost 7, where Ard is Captain. Seeing as he’s the one who rescued me when I was only three from a Volandum raid, and raised me when no one knew who my family was, it was only natural that I should become a messenger. But I enjoy the work, for the most part. Three leagues in two hours; life could be worse. And with no family, this occupation is a good one. Still, I’m 19 now and may one day join a border outpost or even become a ranger. I’ve not spoken to it with Ard yet, but I think he suspects. I suppose we shall see.

And no, Hope, I’m not telling them about the dreams and nightmares; why would they care about that?

Anyway, I guess…Oh yes, there’s this personality typing thing that Hope likes. I don’t understand it, but these pictures she’s found do describe me, so enjoy them, if they interest you at all for some reason.

And…that’s it. I’m done. If you really want to know about me more for some reason, you can read Fidelyon whenever Hope gets that account done.

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  1. *sigh* Poor sweet Ethaniel. Everything happens to him.

  2. lol! Enjoyed this as I’m getting ready to read part 2. 🙂

    Also, what movie are the pics from? Is that a very young Henry Cavill??

    • Yes, it is! The pictures are from the Count of Monte Cristo. When I watched it, I thought he as a perfect Ethaniel…I didn’t realize who he was until I looked up the actor later. 😉

      • Ah! It’s been forever and ever since I’ve watched that movie. Yeah, it works out pretty well for how I pictured him. 🙂
        lol!! That’s also hilarious.

        • I was so excited when I saw him in the movie. I already had one picture, but I didn’t realize it was him until it got to that scene in the movie. Then I was mainly watching the movie just to see ‘Ethaniel’. He even acted a little like Ethaniel…or at least how Ethaniel might act if he were under a lot less stress. 😉

    • It made me laugh to realize ‘my character’ grew up to be superman. 😀

  3. Yay! He’s a fellow INFJ! I know I haven’t read all the story, but I just love Ethaniel! I’m planning on finishing part one today. 😉 Life has been crazy busy, but I finally have some quiet time.

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