February Highlights: A Launch Team and the Marines

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One thing I enjoy about being the oldest of nine children is watching my siblings grow up. I watched a brother and sister go to college and get jobs. One of my little brothers is starting to write and has eight books planned. He is thirteen. Another brother is reading everything I give him. I am quite happy to oblige.

One thing I didn’t expect to be doing for some years yet was watching a brother join the military. Yet it has happened. My oldest ‘little’ brother, Josiah, signed up for the Marines last week. He’s not officially in quite yet…he has to get a waiver for his feet (something we are hoping he’ll get this next week). If he gets the waiver (and it is likely he will) he will head off to boot camp in June. If not, he’ll be leaving next year.

It is a bit startling to suddenly realize that one’s siblings are as old as the young men leading armies and rescuing nations in my own stories. And that they are leaving on their own. Though Josiah is the first, I’ve feeling he won’t be the last of my brothers to join up as the years pass.



  • Scarlet Rose – correcting/rewriting: 16,068 words/part 1 finished
  • Fidelyon: Outline finished. 16,111 words/5 1/2 chapters rewritten
  • Mercy of Fate: Written; awaiting corrections
  • Shadows of the Hersweald: Finished
  • Song of the Sword: Edited (finishing today)
  • Rose of the Night: Second round of corrections finished
  • Rose of the Oath: Working on second round of corrections

Google Searches:

  • How did they make rope in medieval times?
  • How long do rebellions last? Why do I expect there to be an answer for this?
  • The Russian Revolution Which lasted only a few months. Well, a few days, then most of year, then there was another revolution. Great for some ideas I needed…
  • Counter-Revolutions
  • Causes of a permanent limp hint: you don’t have to break your leg to get a limp
  • How far is it from South Bend to Chicago?
  • Drugs to fake death Ok, it’s just in scifi? Well, good thing I’m writing fiction
  • What does a dead body look like after being in water? You probably don’t want to know
  • How long does it take someone to die from a stab wound to the chest? Yes, Google, I know that is an extremely specific search. No, I didn’t murder anyone. And you seem to have a surprising amount of answers for the question…

Other Writing:


Finally, you can join my launch team for Shadows of the Hersweald. Check it out here, because it’s going to be fun and I’m looking forward to working with you and besides, quite frankly, launching a book is not something one can do on their own.

What have you been up to recently? How many writing projects do you work on at a time? Has spring appeared yet? Feel free to chat below or ask me questions. 🙂


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  1. Just want you to know I just finished Rose of Prophecy 😀 It was brilliant <3

  2. Congratulations on your brother! The Marines are intense! Being the oldest of eight, I just realised that I’m going to be feeling the exact same way you are in a handful of years. o.O
    And those google search terms made me laugh! I’m always reluctant to write out my deepest darkest authorial inquiries lest the FBI comes to arrest me for murder XD

    • Yes, I’d not used Google for ‘interesting’ awhile, but this month I had more than normal. XD There are still some things I’ve not looked up though. Like… ‘how does one make a bomb?’ (I swear I don’t want to blow anyone up, officer. I just want to know…)

    • Right on. I’m the oldest of eight too, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Not even the being-oldest part, necessarily. Big families are just a lot of fun.

  3. Great post, Hope! I enjoyed reading about what you’ve been doing lately! And those google searches!! Oh dear!! rofl
    Praying for your brother!

  4. *shaky laugh* Thanks for the shout-out, Hope. 😀
    And the Google searches… *shakes head* Oh dear. XD

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