Fidelyon: ‘B’ with Ethaniel

Ethaniel, the main character in my novel, Fidelyon, has taken it upon himself to introduce you to his world by going through an alphabet of terms and names. Be is a short one…

Blue and silver! No, using a color isn’t cheating, at least that is what I was told. Blue and silver are the royal colors here in Elentisa. You find them ever where. The walls of Almathea. The silver gold and sapphire studded crown. The silver and blue royal cloak. The sapphires embedded in the hilt of the Sword of Kings or in the rim of the Prince’s horn. The livery of the soldiers and the even richer armor of the Kingsguards. They are royal colors and they are beautiful colors as well.

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  1. That is a gorgeous crown!! They are beautiful colors, and to of my favorites.

  2. I love these! They really help you understand the world. I haven’t read them yet, and I kind of want to wait to until I see the end of these because of the amazing connection it makes. So cool!

    • Thanks. These are fun to write. 😉 The book and country this A-Z is talking about is from a book I’ve not published yet…I have three or four different worlds for different series and books at this point. 😉

  3. Blue and silver are the personal colours of the current King and Queen of Northshield, and I agree, they are royal. Almost as much as sable and gold, which are the kingdom’s colours, and when you put all four together, it’s very impressive.

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