Dust to Flame: how it started

Every story starts somewhere.

Rafe’s story started with two stolen ideas.

The first idea was years ago when my younger sister wondered what a celebrity figure in fantasy would look like. She forbid me taking the idea but then years passed and she never did anything with it. It always stuck in my head though.

Who would be a celebrity in a fantasy culture and how would that look?

Stolen idea number two came later on. My best friend had a historian for her world and she used his voice to relate history. I loved the idea.

And one day Rafe showed up.

What about a fantasy celebrity who became a historian and also, accidentally, ended up with powers that made him immortal?

Hence, Dust to Flame.

I think it turned out rather well, and his dramatic, fashion-oriented, careless voice is so amusing when I deal with my world’s history. You’ll hear more about him and the histories he records at a later date.

For now, I wanted to show you my first official piece of fan art for the book.


Painting by Kate Flournoy

Rafe abandoned the streets years ago.
When greed, treachery, and stolen rift powers drag him back, he will do anything to survive. Anything, that is, except pacify the local lord by surrendering a child Rafe accidentally swore to protect.
But even spiting a ruler has limits when one’s life is on the line.

I’ve made it my ambitious goal to sell 100 copies of Dust to Flame during launch week. Probably shouldn’t have made such a high goal, but hey. It gives me something to aim for. And if you haven’t bought the book yet and it sounds interesting, then check it out here.

Pick up a copy of your own and gain a few hours of escape into another world of powers, arrogance, and distinct, breathing characters. The world will still be standing when you get back.


*sweet INTJ smile*

Have a great weekend. And get some reading done.

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