Dust to Flame Cover Reveal

And it’s here! Finally.

Also it’s on sale because I forgot I was doing this thing on Black Friday. But hey, why not?

After months of working on Dust to Flames, forgetting I need to get stuff ready for a launch (in my defense, my sister was getting married. Things were kinda a mess) remembering to do launch stuff then forgetting again, I HAVE THE COVER FOR DUST TO FLAME!!!

*drum-roll and dragon fireworks*








When you defeat everything life hurls at you, it’s a perfectly legitimate move to rub your conquest in the faces of those who sneered at your suffering.

Rafe, a former street-lad who clawed his way to the glittering life of a story-actor, has been waiting. But from the moment he sprung from his carriage into the gritty dust of Cainth, life has not gone Rafe’s way.

Unexpectedly dragged into a web of greed, treachery, and stolen rift powers, Rafe intends to do what he has always done. Survive.

At least that was the plan before he accidentally protected a child.

Before he accidentally gained the powers of an immortal.

And before he caught himself accidentally slipping toward the deadliest mistake possible.

The mistake of letting one’s self care for another.

Welcome to the world of…







Dust to Flame 2

Credit for the cover goes to my best friend, Kate Flournoy.

Head over to Amazon to preorder Dust to Flame for a mere $0.99 FOR TODAY ONLY. It will show up on your Kindle or device on launch day, December 10th.

More news and cool stuff about the book will be along in the next few weeks. But for now, check out preordering options to ensure you get a copy even if you are busy later on.

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    Not really. But it reminded me of him. XD Love the cover!!

  3. Aw, so COOL looking!!! Excited for this one! 😀

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